Sony Gamers' Day 2009: inFamous gameplay videos

Joystiq writes:

"Rounding out our inFamous coverage from Sony's Gamers' Day event, here are two, thorough gameplay videos (above and after the break), which shed light on the rather dark world featured in Sucker Punch's sandbox action title. The videos put into motion the mechanics that power not-so-pedestrian bike messenger, Cole McGrath, up, over and through these urban environments and their precarious vertical obstacles and junk yard-spawned, mechanical overseers. Typical, infamous carjacking/hooker-beating this is not.

inFamous is scheduled for release on May 26, exclusively on PS3."

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bigrob1233491d ago

looks gr8 and i think im going to go down the path of evil

Socomer 19793491d ago

The hand zoom !
The sparks !
the electricity !

Pure Fun.