Lens of Truth: Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. Comparison (720p)

Lens of Truth writes, "...we put the Xbox 360 and PS3 version in a Head2Head dog fight to see which version can claim the name "Top Gun". Jump inside to find out which version soared to the top and which version dive bombed into the dirt."

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3490d ago
FlameBaitGod3490d ago

Holy crap... i remember when i watched that loL!

Chubear3490d ago

now hug onto mulitplatform games and force them to be exclusives in their minds. lol

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Traveler3490d ago

Although in a detailed analysis a few differences might be discovered, when you actually play the games the difference is hardly noticeable, if at all.

I play multiplatform games on both of my consoles now (PS3 and 360) and very few games have any differences that are enough to notice unless you are doing a careful analysis (which you aren't doing when you play a game).

It's the same game on either console, in any case.

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Cenobia3490d ago

Are you effing kidding me with that BS?

"...are you just tired of losing?"

Most people buy consoles because of the exclusive games it as to offer, not because they think it makes them some kind of winner...

Do these stupid comparisons really make you feel that warm and fuzzy inside?

That's pretty pathetic.

And don't pretend that the PS3 has no exclusives when the 360 is the console with the barren line-up this year.

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iDystopia3490d ago

hahaha PS3 always loses.

Jaces3490d ago

Oh man, I apologize for even attempting to talk to such a child.

iDystopia3490d ago

Sorry, but I didn't take time to read your Sony Droid garbage.

But XBox 360 did get the better version of Hawx, like it does every other game. All without a mandantory 22 minute, 5 GB install.

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lloyd_wonder3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

The problem with third-party games on the PS3 is that none of em take advantage of the PS3s hardware. You're setting your self up for disappointment if you think the best 360 games will look better than the best PS3 games.

One can dream, though

jaidek3490d ago

I agree, its a rushed job to get it onto another platform to make extra cash. Of course it will sell, because most consumers do not realize how games are developed (main platform > secondary platform(s))and think that they are getting the exact same game. But some developers actually care about their products and make sure the conversion process is nearly identical. If only all publishers could be held to such standards. Then the war would be about exclusives and not third party games.

Why dis3490d ago

Doesn't matter lame excuse.

aldesko3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )


RudeSole Devil3490d ago

No I'm not Mexican or Asian so I don't have the Swine Flu. Sorry to disappoint but it sounds like you have it if you think the PS3 is superior to the Xbox 360. Someone must have also forgotten to tell the developers that the PS3 was better because they sure cant seem to make it happen.

gambare3490d ago

The fun part of this, is that LoT mentions always "blurry textures" because the PS3 version uses ingame blur, and another thing they hid from their comparison is the FACT that the 360 version of HAWX had a short horizon, the visual field of the PS3 version is vast, but the 360 version is short, sorry if you disagree but you didn't played both versions, just tried to had faith in a page made to defend the 360.

Sea_Man3490d ago

Shouldn't you do the same!

RudeSole Devil3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

You sound stupid.
"Uncharted didn't take 4 years
MGS4 didn't take 4 years
GT5 Prologue didn't take 4 years
Killzone took 4 years "

1. Uncharted has the worst screen tearing I've ever seen so maybe they should have taken 4 years.
2. MGS4 is not a game it's a movie so don't bring that up here.
3. GT5 Prologue is a demo not a full game. Having only 2 tracks available does not make it a full game more like a demo. And if you paid $30 for a demo you a sad panda.

So again Killzone 2 could be done on the Xbox 360 with the same amount of dev time. Actually Killzone 2 on the Xbox 360 would look better. That's a fact deal with it.

Sea_Man3490d ago

Awesome!! I can't stop laughing at your last comment cause it's so true.

MGOelite3490d ago

keep crying away, if you say this long enough you might have to stop crying your self to sleep at night, we both know that none of what you said is true...

oh and btw killzone 2 cannot be done on the 360

PotNoodle3490d ago

I would of listened to what you had to say.. but then i saw
"2. MGS4 is not a game it's a movie so don't bring that up here"

Please, if you're going to attempt to argue - try actually knowing what you're talking about.

MGOelite3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

1. uncharted has zero screen tearing, ive played though on normal and crushing
2. 15 hours gameplay and about 4 hours of cutscenes, best of both worlds?
3. a demo kicked forzas ass up and down, good little arguement you have there
4. too human 10 years development time. need i say more?

XboxGirl3490d ago

"uncharted has zero screen tearing, ive played though on normal and crushing " Where did you get that version because mine has screen tearing all over the place.

MGOelite3490d ago

"xboxgirl" post a picture of your username on a peice a paper next to your ps3 and you copy of uncharted or i instantly call BULLSHIT!

lloyd_wonder3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

Yeah. The screen tearing in Uncharted is almost as bad as the screen tearing in RE5 for the 360


So, you're saying that Killzone 2 would run better on the 360? A game made by Sony developers? Yikes..

"First off, it seems that fitting the game onto a DVD is an issue. Executive producer Katsuhiro Harada told X360 magazine that it has been a "challenge to fit this game onto one DVD and to make sure the data is read at a fast rate."

"Tekken 6’s graphics engine was developed for a high frame rate to create fluid motion rather than focusing purely on extravagant still shots," Harada said. "Using a ‘fulltime adjustable animation blur’ which adjusts to each character’s movement and speed, these games show a new level of smooth and dynamic movement. This technology has proved very difficult to realise with fighting games running at 60fps."

"Even here at NBGI, the Soul Calibur Team gave up on it for Soul Calibur 4. In order to accomplish this effect, we had to write a lot of code optimized to make full use of the PS3’s SPU. Ultimately, we implement the same motion blur on the 360 so this will be a great challenge."

caffman3490d ago

grid shat all over GTP

MGOelite3490d ago

fair dues, i did enjoy GRID a hell of alot, full game of GT5 should be great thougn

XboxGirl3490d ago

Your the one that full of [email protected]#t. You probably don't even no what vertical screen tearing is. So you post a picture of your username on a piece a paper next to your ps3 and you copy of uncharted or i instantly call BULLSHIT!

MGOelite3490d ago

stfu xboxgirl,verticle screen tears is when a single line or more of pixels is move out of sync from the rest of the image, socom confrontation has a huge problem with this but uncharted had NONE

solidjun53490d ago

Yea whatever helps you sleep at night super caffman.

solidjun53490d ago

...AKA PoG, so why even bother with him/her. You know he's full of it.

Sea_Man3490d ago

God dude you need glasses or a clue, pick one. The Screen tearing in Uncharted was so bad it actually made me vomit on my PS3, then I vomited on my ps3 controller and then on my PSP, guess where next? Yep my ps2 got some vomit as well. I finally stopped when i get to my PS1.

I agree with Xbox girl.

XboxGirl3490d ago

Good job with that Google search, but really if you cant see the screen tearing in Uncharted you are simple retarded. I have no time for stupid people and you both have AIDS. so go die.

XboxGirl3490d ago

Awesome, Awesome, and Awesome.

solidjun53490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

My gosh, did I sleep with your older sister to warrant that comment? Geez POG you're nuts.

You totally got me there with that comment. Boo hoo, I'm running home and sulking because prepubescent XBOXgirl used one of his/her accounts to attack me.

rolls eyes/

EDIT: Keep going Artard, it's making me laugh and making you, you multi-account pube, more pyscho.

MGOelite3490d ago

you know what f it, i dont give a flying crap what you think so why dont you just go eat sh!t and die

XboxGirl3490d ago

Wipe your ass say three Hail Marry and you and God can call it even. Also every time you speak I smell [email protected] through the internet. That's how bad you suck, so again go get the Swine flu and die.

Sea_Man3490d ago

HAHAHA life is good right now!!

Traveler3490d ago

Uncharted did have some screentearing, but nowhere near as bad as games like Assassin's Creed and Mass Effect. I have all three of those games (three of my favorites by the way) and there is no doubt Uncharted had the least amount of screen tearing between those three.

The screen tearing was really fairly minor and only happened in certain areas. Besides that relatively minor flaw the game blows away almost every other game I have ever played in the graphics department. The only game I have seen that surpasses it in some areas is Killzone 2. That's pretty damn impressive for a game nearly going on its 2nd year.

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