New Multi-platform Game from D3 Publisher/WhiteMoon Dreams in 2009 "Remember Namco-Bandai's D3 Publisher? Yes, the same guys who made Naruto: Ninja Council and Puzzle Quest, and who also mixed cowboy bikini samurai with zombie slaying action in Oneechanbara (with the tagline 'Bikini Zombie Slayers' in it's international release) for the Wii earlier this year. Okay, so the latter wasn't exactly the greatest gift for Nintendo fans but the company isn't slacking off. They're teaming up with an unknown studio called WhiteMoon Dreams to release a brand new multiple-platform title this year. The source for this info? None other than composer Paul Spaeth's credit list where it clearly states his role in the as-of-now untitled game."

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Myst3488d ago

For a second I thought their would be a PS3 release for the Oneechanbara series (Picture threw me off for that moment). Interesting to hear a new game is being developed with an development team that seems unknown, could be good cover for them if the game is received quite well upon it's release.

Nike3488d ago

Well, Onechanbara came onto the Wii and flunked big time. So, hopefully they'll either fix the probs or straightaway make a new title.

And that pic is from the "not possibly but most truly more pathetic" movie. :D