Is 1200 MS Points a Fair Price for XBLA Games? writes:

"Everywhere you look these days, the price of games seems to be falling. Everywhere, that is, except on Microsoft's Xbox Live Arcade service. Here, prices have been slowly creeping upwards, with the majority of new releases now selling for $15 or 1200 Microsoft Points. A few months ago, the standard price was a more reasonable $10 or 800 points, a price that many fans have told us put XBLA titles in the "spontaneous purchase" sweet spot.

Those days are behind us, and it is nearly impossible to find a newly released game for under 1200 points. "

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clinker3490d ago

I'm amazed that they can even think of charging $15 for something like Outrun in the current economic climate. That game is totally not worth 1200 points, and it is still not as bad as Lode Runner!

akohut3490d ago

Good thing Outrun is only 800 then....

edgeofblade3490d ago

You can't just invoke the "current economic climate" to make your point. In fact, I believe only a very small percentage of people actually understand what's going on, and even fewer want to explain it to those who don't. To clarify, that puts me in the former category and not in the later. Suffice it to say, your confidence in the system makes the system work and doubt will just prolong the depression.

Would I like to pay LESS for a game? Of course! But I also don't want the companies I support going out of business because there is some abstract "economic troubles" that made the price arbitrarily lower.

I thought games priced at a max of 800 made more sense to me. At 1200, it's harder to justify a purchase. I used to buy tons of Arcade games, but after I realized how much I spent on games I don't play very often, I backed off.

table3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

you dont have to worry about MS or sony going out of business (even though you would obviously like to see sony go under). Thats for them to worry about. We consumers want products for cheap. We don't care how many billions a company makes and I'm not going to cry if their profits are down.

I honestly believe that xbox fanboys enjoy paying for live... maybe because it's their mommys money...

darthv723490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

I do have to give the 360 and MS credit for allowing there to be a trial of each game on live. That way you can see if it is worth the price. Granted there are no refunds but I feel better about paying for a game provided I have had a chance to try before I buy.

PSN should get such system of trialware. there are several PSN titles I would like to try but they lack an available demo. I don't know if it is mandated by MS to have a demo of the game if it is to be distributed over live. We all know sony and their psn regulations and added costs to have demos. It is a funny comparison of the two services.

PSN free but the devs get charged for each dl a consumer makes. I imagine it is done that way to ensure the service remains "free". If a demo is available and downloaded, they get charged even if that consumer doesnt end up getting the full game.

Live has free and paid the later granting early access to content that becomes available to the silver a week later. A demo of practically every title (full version actually) is offered. No reported charging of the devs to post their content on live (so we think).

dragunrising3490d ago

XBLA should be more like Steam. Charge a little bit extra for early adopters and hold frequent sales on multiple titles. 'Deal of the Week' isn't good enough. They should fall by 100 points every other month. The prices are too static. I bought Worms on XBLA only after it became an arcade hit and dropped to 400 points.

Is a game worth paying $15 dollars on XBLA (or PSN for that matter)? Yes, if it can prove its worth. Virtua On is a good example. If I recall it was a full fledged Dreamcast title that sold for $50 back in the day. The re release bumps up the resolution to HD and keeps the framerate buttery smooth. Online is a big plus as well and the controls are refined for dual analog play. Worth it? For many people yes. Unfortunately, if we keep buying it at those prices it will send the wrong message.

My problem with DLC are title updates like map packs...$10 for 3 maps (I'm looking at you COD: [email protected] and GeOW1,2) is outrageous. To add insult to injury, PC gamers get the same map packs for free. In my opinion, map packs are an a complete rip off and spit in the face to loyal fans. This is especially true, given that PC gamers receive preferential treatment.

Bnet3433490d ago

Some games yes, but it's starting to become annoying.

y0haN3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

Max Payne 1 and 2 are 1200 each, that's over £20 for two games that are badly emulated, non-360-optimised games that fill only 70% of an HDTV screen. Save yourself the trouble and buy them on Steam, £9 for both, with all of your screen and you can have some pretty awesome mods.

IdleLeeSiuLung3489d ago

For the tiny little arcade games like outrun should be 800 points or less, but there are bargains too, such as MvC2, SSF2HD Remix and Puzzle Fighter.

The items are priced to whatever the market will bear, and it seems people will buy overpriced DLC and arcade games. Don't blame the seller, blame the buyer!!!

Stop buying overpriced stuff and the seller will lower the cost.

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DixieNormS3490d ago

SOme games are worth the 1200 points, But I don't buy enough arcade games because of the reason that I think they are overpriced. So what makes them think I will be purchasing stuff for that much.

FantasyStar3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

I'm a cheapass, so the lower the price, the better. I can't start discriminating XBLA games because then I would've made a fallacious error somewhere in reasoning like "better games cost more", or "give some money to the devs for their work". I'm just a straight up cheap ass and I want it my way. Great games for dirt cheap.

OGharryjoysticks3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

They let games sell for more money and have any file size and because publishers want things to be equal they jack up the price once they get the okay from MS to adjust the file size limit on LIVE to match PSN file size and price.

UltimateIdiot9113490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

The only reason why Microsoft wanted to limit file size in the first place is because of their harddrive situation which would have hurted more people in the end. Why should a game get cut back because of a limit?
As for the price, you can blame consumers, if consumers accept the price obviously publishers will continue charging the price besides PS3 owners can share the game up to 4 other people. So 15 divided by 5 is $3. Not that bad really.

Ace Killa 083490d ago

im not complaining i dont have a but load of money to spend but if the game is good then ill buy it now if it is more than 1200 i wont buy but if its 1200 or below im good

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