GRTV: Cursed Mountain gameplay presentation

Gamereactor got a presentation of Deep Silver's upcoming Wii horror title Cursed Mountain.

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Smacktard3517d ago

oh god

He looked like an idiot flailing that thing around.

Any interest I've had in this game is now dead.

stuntman_mike3517d ago

was it just me or was there some major slowdown in that game.

Smacktard3517d ago

I thought so too, but I think that part was intentional, and you're supposed to perform certain movements with the wiimote while it's frozen like that.

The_Zeitgeist3517d ago

That looked like a Wii saying "I can't take anymore of these horrible games...Must have good game" Just sad. Those look like some N64 graphics.

SinnedNogara3517d ago

They need to polish this game before it is released. I really don't want this game to suck. Especially with that slow-down.

Seriously, a slow-down during a demo. Sad.

They better fix it.