Red Steel 2 - one image

Gonintendo gets first pic of Red Steel 2

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Maxned3150d ago

Look like Madworld if it had color. Or GTA: Chinatown Wars with a smoother style.

WhittO3150d ago

i think that looks great for a Wii game !

but i will hold out until i see a gameplay vid.

N4g_null3150d ago

I just found scans online yet I'm going to the book store to see it better. The game looks like a friggin 3d cartoon very cool. I could see more games doing this as long as the style is this cool. The road warrior guy is pretty cool too.

Great move Ubi they dodge the conduit well with this one LOL.

Product3150d ago

Looks great imo. Love the style

N4g_null3150d ago

Check your PMs you got a surprise! Red steel2 scans!

Sharpshell3150d ago

love the title... but i think its needs some explination marks like

Red Steel 2!-one image!!!!11!!!

lol sorry...continue

Trebius3150d ago (Edited 3150d ago )

I agree. Bubbles for the chuckle.

ps. and it's Exclamation points.

Sangria3150d ago

Is it me or it sounds cel-shaded?
The character presents many big black lines and the background too.

rickyjb233150d ago

yeah, it sounds cell shaded. Bubble for making me laugh

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The story is too old to be commented.