New Onimusha, Dino Crisis coming?

Capcom recently revealed on their twitter page they are set to announce two new games at E3. little is know but apparently one will come as quite a surprise to gamers with the other one being quite predictable.

ConceptualGamer is hoping for new versions of Dino Crisis and Onimusha.

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ceedubya93433d ago

These two games done right would further Capcom's successes going into the future.

Another Onimusha

Blaze9293433d ago

a new Onimusha game is much needed; the series is sick.

CPmonkey3433d ago

After seeing what Capcom achieved with Resident Evil 5 and the latest footage of Lost Planet 2 I feel Capcom could really achieve great things if they created sequels to these two franchises.

BlackIceJoe3433d ago

I would love a new Dino Crisis game. Plus Strider too. There are so many great games Capcom has that I would love them to make new versions of Final Fight, Darkstalkers, Power Stone & Breath of Fire.

If Capcom was to make a new Onimusha & Dino Crisis I could see them both looking really great. So I would love to see Capcom bring out new versions of these games.

DragonWarrior_43433d ago

They should just stop working on Lost Planet and get started working on Dino Crisis and Strider. They need to quit f*cking around already.

Hiruma Youchi3432d ago

id prefer the Dino Crisis game over omnimusha but I hope the two come out