Why Master Chief Sucks

So Master Chief is this super human, bio-engineered man meant to be bigger, faster, stronger and more badass than any other soldier around. He has an awesome super-suit with shields and all kinds of cool stuff like having a "smart" AI living in his suit and talking in his head. He's freaking crazy and commands the respect of military officers (even if they are fake) of ranks far about him (like an Admiral).

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KionicWarlord2223516d ago


This forum post was funny.

sack_boi3516d ago

Coz he's gay and he wears a skirt.

Chubear3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

... this is not going to end well. Nobody's going to read the "article" and even if they do, it's still going down lol

godofthunder103516d ago

It can't be to bad 1,2 and 3 outsold anything on the ps2 and ps3 .

Timesplitter143516d ago

Too bad Wii Sports outsold all Halo and MGS games combined.

I guess this means Wii Sports is the greatest game ever made.

pixelsword3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

I know that this "story" is for fun, but I'm still going to state the following:

I Love the Halo series; it's one of the best FPS games I've experienced. It's not because of the graphics per se (although I like the graphics), it's because of the writing. From the protagonist to the minor characters the game's story has a lot of polish and attention to detail that puts it up there with the best of them. My only disappointment with the series was when Microsoft put out those trailers at past game conferences showing the game to be more advanced graphically than what it really was. It didn't diminish the gameplay at all, but it was deceitful at the least.

Halo is great.

All-33515d ago

The FLEET of space --> SHIPS/Vessels <-- is the reason for having an Admiral.

* Admiral of the Navy is a rank that has only been held once in U.S. Navy history: by George Dewey. In recognition of his victory at Manila Bay in 1898, Congress authorized a single officer to hold the rank of Admiral, and promoted Dewey to this rank in March 1899. By a Congressional Act of 24 March 1903, Dewey's rank was established as Admiral of the Navy, effective retroactive to March 1899. It was specified that this rank was senior to the four-star rank of Admiral and was equal to Admiral of the Fleet in the British Royal Navy. The rank lapsed with the death of Admiral Dewey on 16 January 1917.

* The rank Admiral of the Navy was first seen as a six star rank during the Second World War, with the establishment of the rank of five-star Fleet Admiral. It was during this time that the Department of the Navy specified that the new 1944 version of the rank of Fleet Admiral was to be junior to Dewey's rank of Admiral of the Navy. However, as there has never been an Admiral of the Navy and a Fleet Admiral serving at the same time, the six star rank status has not been totally confirmed.

* During the preparations for the invasion of Japan, a proposal was raised by the Navy Department to appoint Chester Nimitz to the rank of Admiral of the Navy or grant him some equivalent rank. The proposal, however, was dropped after the Japanese surrender, and the United States Navy has never officially appointed anyone to the rank of six star admiral. Even so, Admiral of the Navy is considered senior to the rank of Fleet Admiral and the equivalent of the Army's rank of General of the Armies.

Hutch23553515d ago

Except for the fact the 90 percent of the copies were included in the wii. You would have to be an idiot to think someone payed for this game. Here in america where millions of wii have been sold, you couldn't buy the wii without getting it. Come on.

BLuKhaos3515d ago

"It can't be to bad 1,2 and 3 outsold anything on the ps2 and ps3."
You floppy retard, None of the Halo games have sold past 8.5 million while the Grand Turismo games have.

BLuKhaos3515d ago

LMAO typical right wing puppet.

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stevenhiggster3515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )

WOW that dude (godofthunder) is nuts!! No wonder he only has one bubble.

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godfree3516d ago

Yea it was a pretty funny editorial by our staff member Ladyluck. BTW people think that this is some "forum post" thats how our website looks like.

SixZeroFour3516d ago

hmm...i would call it a forum post because of the word "forum" in the actual link...lmao DUH

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greengunstar3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

Because he looks like a Lego Man.

HDgamer3516d ago

He does look like a lego man but he can do something lego men can't.

godfree3516d ago

I just find this wierd how these people calling it a "forum post" but every other article that I posted gets approved but not this one. You guys can check out my history from posting here at N4g.

micro_invader3516d ago

It's two paragraphs long, and it's a forum post. Pretty lame if you ask me.

Amnesiac3516d ago

Maybe people are calling it a forum post because it looks exactly like a FORUM POST.

The level of idiocy on this website is OVERWHELMING.

thematrix12983516d ago

Amnesiac, you don't deserve to speak...negative bubbles to you!

Amnesiac3515d ago


Get a life loser.

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