PROTOTYPE mission variety trailer

Activision has released a new trailer for PROTOTYPE which shows off the different types of missions the player can accomplish.

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iHEARTboobs3488d ago

Over-the-top? Definately. I wish there was a demo. Looks like it'll be fun to cause havoc but i'm not sure about the missions yet. I'll at least rent it before I decide to buy or not.

himdeel3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

...this game looks much better now than it did before. I really like how this is looking and appreciate the time spent on the aesthetics.

chaosatom3469d ago

I am not really sold on the game. The graphics look like they can be done on the ps2 or something.

I am not really sure how stealth has any place in the game. It reminds me of Mercenaries 2 or something. agree?

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McRad3488d ago

Hot damn, that extra development time sure paid off.

mrlahey3488d ago

This game looks a little bland to me, dont know what it is, but the game world just looks so boring. Like the buildings, the road, trees. Just feels so empty and not very detailed.

Maybe its just me.

3488d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.