Major Signs a Game Will Flop

TGS reveals the signs that indicate the next big flop.

TGS: "Every gamer has made the mistake of buying a horrible new game. Here are the signs that will help you spot a flop before you waste your money. You deserve better."


Please note additional comments regarding the upcoming Xbox 360 and PC exclusive Velvet Assassin.

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jimineyscrickets3491d ago

Better article than I thought it would be. Haze was so bad. I wish somebody had pointed out these things to me before I bought it.

gameplayingfool3491d ago

The points made really do indicate a game is not gonna be worth your money.

spydersvenom3491d ago

Truth be told, these are exactly what you need to recognize upcoming flops. We've all be there

Morbius4203491d ago

Yeah Halo not being on the PlayStation really made it flop didn't it.

himdeel3491d ago

...that is number one for me as well. If you cannot see at least two dozen reviews at least the week before a game drops it is a clear sign of hot garbage for me.

Anon19743491d ago

If it was guilty of anything it was being average and being a little over ambitious with it's social commentary. Didn't it sell almost 3/4 of a million?

And it introduced me to the term "Boosh!"

Co-op and multiplayer were fun. Still, when I finish a bad guy off I want him to go down screaming about how he'll stab at me from hell's heart, not cry and ask for his mom. Where's the fun in that?

Gun_Senshi3491d ago

Haze is exactly the same as Halo and plays exactly the same too. Online is same too.

Danja3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

Am I the only one who actually enjoyed playing Lair with the Motion Controls instead of using Analog ?? imagine if Factor 5 had went with using the Analog sticks reviewers would have dogged the game for not supporting motion controls....cant please them.

I agree about no reviews till after games are released thats a huge warning sign right there.

and Haze wasn't that bad as people make it out to be... not great but not bad very average game , I enjoyed the 4 player co-op and online matches.

original seed3491d ago

I agree with all points stated.

chrisnick3491d ago

is if its an xbox 360 exclusive published by SE (man they're messing up royally)

3491d ago
Christopher3491d ago

They're all kind of common sense concepts, but unfortunately not everyone browses the Web for game news, let alone the history of a game that's about to be released.

Chubear3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

I am sooooooooooo glad somebody said this.

Look, I understand the Halo universe is loved and enjoyed by millions of gamers and in that aspect of things I totally respect that.
What I can't for the life of me understand though is the god like reverence to ANYTHING halo cause to me, the gameplay and story of halo is of very normal average stuff but it's always held as some odd bench mark for FPSs when it is, in it's self, just normal run-of-the-mill type FPS.

.. and then Haze comes along and I'm like "uhm, feels kinda like haloesque" but in that thought I caught myself thinking "So how come one game is looked at as god like and the other, not just ok but a flop and crap.. but they play and feel very very similar.

I'm not talking about the story or the environments etc I'm talking about the actual pacing and feel of the gameplay. I have to wonder, had HAZE come out when Halo1 did and instead became the first FPS display for that eras current gen consoles, would it have garnered the exact same thing?

As a matter of fact, would ANY exclusive FPS that come out first on last gen have benefited like halo? ofcourse the mind numbing marketing that followed the sequels no doubt aided significantly but the question still stands. How the hell can someone tell me HAZE is crap but it plays very similar to halo but halo is considered god like in the 360 fanbase?

I only thing I've found way above average with halo series is the music which is really of epic proportions but for the life of me I have no clue how this game garnered the reputation it has. I mean please someone break it down for me, please cause I just don't understand it.

Grahpics: nothing to write HOME about especially the online graphics

Story: Straight good stuff nothing different from the likes of Lair.

Voice acting: adequate and nothing more.

gameplay: nothing extraordinary. Just shoot swams of enemies, not much thinking or strategy at all. Pacing was similar to HAZEs or many other FPSs and introduced NOTHING to gameplay in current gen FPSs.

online gameplay: simple straight cookie cutter stuff and feels like last gen. And no, forge doesn't automatically make the online gameplay teh uber cause it's just a very watered down and limited map editing stuff.

AI: Shoody and adequate at best times

Sure you can record your games which is cool but you could be similar on PS1 games like Driver 1 too.

I just don't get the crazy hype with this game. Many FPSs, especially this gen, have surpassed Halo in virtually every category in gaming but somehow this game is held high by the gaming media and it's fanbase as the best of the best. I just dont' get it.

edgeofblade3491d ago

My signs of a game's potential flop-itude:

* The PR company sounds prophetic or revolutionary, rather than simply promotional.

* If they imply something like "Nothing will ever be the same after the launch of Pocket Ponies: The Jeweled Pillow of Jewels".

* "Real time weapon change" - They claim something amazing that has already been done and want credit for innovating. It's usually a sign there isn't much in the game that innovative at all.

There are these impossible claims that we, as jaded free-market consumers, are supposed to filter, but some how never completely scrub them and the promises creep into our subconscious to build things up.

Chubear3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

Yes I know I'm going to get disagrees and bubbles taken away like crazy for my above comments but please also try and educate me a bit so I can understand better. Show me comparison vids showing why halo3 gets 10s across the board for Graphics, story, gameplay, MP etc etc that other FPS just can't match up to.

Please I want to understand it.

Gun_Senshi3491d ago

Simple Explaining. MS Checks.

Just look at redicouls Halo 3 Ad Campain from MS. They should make Halo Diapers.

I bet if Halo was on PS consoles it would say it sucks.

BTW, no wonder real FPS players (PC Gamers) Hate Halo, its an insult to FPS Genre.

redsquad3491d ago

No argument from me, Chubear.
I played HAZE and I played HALO (1 and 3). I liked HAZE, I didn't like HALO. Does that mean anything in the grand scheme of things? Of course not, as it's just my opinion (one that very few agree with, clearly), yet I won't lie to myself just to follow a trend.

ps3gamerkyle3491d ago

For the most point, I agree. However the point "The Developer is struggling to find a Publisher" is incorrect, in my opinion. Sometimes 'risky titles' are hidden jems in the rough.

Baka-akaB3491d ago

Well no arguments from me . I dont get halo , never did and sadly maybe never will . I usually just avoid that argument , because since i care much more about sony or nintendo franchises when it comes to exclusives and consoles , it would logically be dismissed as fanboy drivel .

When the first was released i didnt care yet for consoles fps , and i couldnt see anything in it not done on PC and better .
I could accept it though as one of the few chosen console fps to move things forward ON consoles .

Then stupidest things happened (imo back then) , despite the far better pc fps of the era , i also saw people begin to weep for the pc version coming so late . it even had sucess , though obviously far more limited on pc .

Then the second came , and it was more the same but obviously better done . I was like ok , not a surprise anymore , though i still dont like it .

But the third ... it imo just became some silly travesty and show , with basically the same game as the second and not living up to the potential of the console .. unlike say a gears of war , wich actually deserves its success , even if i also dont like much that game .

And now halo wars still selling based on the name , withot any shock and surprise on my end . it no longer surprise me to see people fiercely defend the game's greatness , despite the "facts" that better 360 rts are around like red alert , clancy's or C&C , and yet they dont even get as close in success .

I'll just stop now , cause it'll just probably cost bubbles .. and the aformentioned "fanboy drivel " dismissal

Where i distance myself with you guys , is i'd never dare say or believe that Haze was better . What i've seen was far less polished be it in multiplayer , co-op and solo .... and something that got no excuse given how often it was delayed .

ps3d03491d ago

not says flop like a ps3 exclusive

dragunrising3491d ago

Good points.

However, how do you return an opened retail game and get your money back? "Too Human was returned in droves." I interpret this to mean the game was traded in used. Anywhere have more lax return policies for media? Too Human was enough of a flop to earn a sequel...hmmmmm.

Halo3 MLG Pro3491d ago

"Haze is exactly the same as Halo and plays exactly the same too. Online is same too."

Hey CONGRATULATIONs! You just received the official bonehead statement of the month award!

DaTruth3491d ago

Halo 1 was an incredible game and deserves all the praise it gets! I played that game a million times at my friends house. I couldn't convince my friends to play the Halo 2, they just didn't like it and I never got to see the campaign at all. Halo 3 was a shame and MS should have spent more money building the game then promoting it.

Halo fans are like Leafs fans; You can give them mediocre again and again and they'll just keep on paying! Sad thing is, if you would just call the game for what it is and get upset, MS might actually put in some money and work and give you a good game next time!!

iDystopia3491d ago

DaTruth= Pure propaganda

Gun_Senshi3490d ago

Sure your name and pic shows you are not halo biased fan

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Kleptic3491d ago

only thing he missed imo...would be constant delays...Too Human was the DEFINITION of that...he kind of touches on it, but doesn't dedicate much more than a tag on a picture to this regard...

Splinter Cell: Conviction should have some flags up to this degree too...MGS4 sending it back to the drawing board is not a good sign...where as something like Alan Wake technically has not been delayed at all, and probably will end up being awesome...there is a difference between being in development for a long time...and being delayed numerous times...

goflyakite3491d ago

Haze was also delayed/pushed back, right?

Kleptic3490d ago

yeah...but by 5 months or something...too human was around 8 years...

raiden_933491d ago

The signs these days are getting more and more predictable. More and more games are becoming bigger and bigger flops.
Great Article!

va_bank3491d ago

... is all you need to know. The later they come out, the worse the game will be. It has never failed.

PSP23491d ago

i look forward to playing too human 2