Top Five Greatest Video Game Soundtracks Music in gaming had been unappreciated in the early years of the industry. With the rise in innovation and gameplay in video games came the rise in the music as well. I consider video game music an art in itself. When I get tired of listening to the repetitiveness of other genres of music, I often find myself visiting websites like and and listening to video game music for hours upon end. My secret love for video game music has cause me to come up with my list of top 5 greatest video game soundtracks of all time. I have thought long and hard about this list. There are so many deserving game compilations deserving to be on the list, but in the end I had to pick 5. Its almost 100% guaranteed that the masses won't agree with me, so please note that this is a personal list. I invite you to post your favorites as well so we can argue about why mines is better.

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Canary3486d ago

Hahaha.... no.

Maybe most "memorable" but definitely not the greatest.