Official Media Create (4/20 - 04/26) hardware numbers.

PSP - 41,187
DSi - 37,495
PS3 - 23,351
Wii - 18,439
X360 - 7,016
DSL - 6,374
PS2 - 4,524

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myothercar3186d ago

Heck yeah it is. The other day I was thinking, "What if the GTAIV thing that happened to PS3 and 360 in the NPDs happens to the Wii with Monster Hunter?" And also, "What would that mean for the Wii?" It appears that everyone who wanted Monster Hunter simply already has a Wii.

PSP23186d ago

the wii is not losing steam when monster hunter 3 comes out it will be on top you wait

irish-leprecaun3186d ago

soooo...... if it does get a huge spike then it wont mean high sales for the rest of the year!!
and every1 kmows the psp will get another mh.

eagle213186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

Monster Hunter demo helped but didn't stop the PS3 lead. :)

PSP is just unstoppable at this point. :)