Uncharted 2 Beta with Infamous preorder from

Pre-Order inFamous from and receive an exclusive code to access the 'Uncharted 2: Among Thieves' BETA. Codes and instructions will be sent before the BETA commences.


Here is another link.

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PirateThom3490d ago

I actually refuse outright.

I thought it was going to be included with the game?

WildArmed3490d ago

All we know so far is that in USA its avaliable anywhere

PirateThom3490d ago

I'm in the UK. :P

And I don't like buying from Play because I always get the games late.

iHEARTboobs3490d ago

All US copies will have a code?

Lucreto3490d ago

I live in Ireland and always use It game dispatches on a Wednesday and I won't get it until Monday or Tuesday. I just ordered the original Star Trek movies on Blu ray. It won't get here until next Thursday.

table3490d ago are the fastest. when i pre-order it arrives a day before release date. It's also the cheapest with no delivery charge!

JOLLY13490d ago

they really!!!!!! want this game to be like Crackdown.

peeps3490d ago

makes sense tbh. This could be the best game in the world, but being a new ip means it needs as many ways as possible to gain interest. bundling it with a beta code for an anticipated game is just one way to do this. Tbh the whole Crackdown thing was alot bigger imo because of Halo 3 being the game alot of people buy 360's for

gaffyh3489d ago is surprisingly good in my experience, they always have delivered on or before the release date

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mercenarie3490d ago

will give out uncharted 2 beta codes for the US with Infamous, no need to worry.

- Ghost of Sparta -3490d ago

They come IN the box and you'll need to buy the game, not just pre-order. :)

Nightfallen3490d ago

Gamestop also has them in the US.

Mindboggle3490d ago

Gamestop has nothing to do with the UK, so that doesnt really help the fact that the only way you can get them is to order off, which sucks....

peeps3490d ago

always use anyway :D sounds like some ppl have been unlucky with them but i always get my games a day earlier (2 days early sometimes)

Just ordered for 2 reasons. I really like the look of Uncharted 2's multiplayer and the more i see of inFamous, the more i'm liking it. Before now i didn't really pay it much interest and in a way it was a good thing because already i'm not looking frwd to having to wait a month 'till i can play it :(

Mindboggle3490d ago are great for me aswell. I think all depends where you live. If you live in the main citys then youll get it fast. If you live in the country or some random village then it will take a bit longer.

But im not ordering it because they are obviously charging more for the uncharted beta, as its £40. I made a deal with myself to never buy games for £40 again. £30 is my MAX price, and if I can, ill wait until it drops more...

redsquad3489d ago

I preordered INFAMOUS from a while back, well before this offer was announced. I presume the offer is 'retroactive'.

I always use them for game purchases anyway though. For one thing they're cheaper than my high street shop and they also get the game to me a day or two before release.

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The story is too old to be commented.