Fat Princess Preview (ZTGD)

Cat writes: "Beta" is a bit misleading, as what we lucky few have been taking part in these last couple weeks is more like a prolonged demo than anything else. With only one level playable in two modes this treat is a mere sample of Fat Princess cake, a tantalizing taste of what is to come.

The beta offers a narrow glimpse at a title that promises much more. The addition of maps, modes and more players can only solidify Fat Princess as a PSN gem. Perfect for multi-player mayhem, be sure to have friends on hand when the game releases this June.

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Panthers3512d ago


this game looks sweet

meepmoopmeep3512d ago

oh, it's really fun.

the classes are (so far) pretty well balanced.
but things can change dependnig on the beta input.

i've played a few games online and it's just as fun as teh offline.

yeah, they need clans though since it's much easier to win if you're working as a well organized team
rather than random people joining and being random classes.

NNNW3512d ago

is there some sort of party system?

jcgamer3512d ago

she's a very hungry girl,
the kind you don't take home to mother
and she'll never let your spirits down
once you give her all the cake...

lol :)

AAACE53512d ago

I still think the name of this game will offend some people, once it becomes more popular. But then, I could be wrong. Hell, this could become a fat chicks role model... Kinda how Mon'ique was for a!

Panthers3512d ago

I dont care about offending people. People need to stop letting their feelings get hurt so easily.

On another note, I doubt a game about fattening up a chick so she will be harder to roll back will become a fat chick role model.

thor3512d ago

Looks really fun - I think it's deserving of some offline MP modes though.

Christopher3512d ago

I'm definitely intrigued by the game, but I'll definitely need a demo before I make a decision on whether or not I want to buy it.

Christopher3512d ago

Wait, I've got 2 disagrees for hoping for a demo?

Ooookay... I hope there isn't a demo, I'll buy the game instantly even if it turns out not being my type of game just because! Woooo! Screw researching where my money goes! Wooo!

r2kcipher3512d ago

I'm glad to see you came to your senses..

Sangria3512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

Aren't they supposed to be under NDA?
Whatever, once it releases, it will be an instant buy for me, it's really fun and reminds me much Team Buddies. Exactly what i needed.

iHEARTboobs3512d ago

You mean NDA? haha

I would guess not since there has been many sites with previews and vids of the game.

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The story is too old to be commented.