Top 10 Cheap-Ass Videogame Bosses Of All-Time

The problem with all of these bosses is that they force you to fight in one particular way. Their limited but overpowered attacks leave you resorting to the one or two tactics that cause them even a little damage. But by the time you've figured out what these are, you've been killed a dozen times and your joy in the game is ebbing.

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himdeel3513d ago a pain in the butt. So is the last boss or should I say last boss level in Killzone 2 on elite.

Totally agree with SF4 and Tekken 5 last bosses. They are a pain in the buttocks as well. The others they've mentioned I didn't have any trouble with.

xabmol3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

This site just lost all respect for listing MGS2. That sh*t was epic and the swordplay was well done.

Finalflash223513d ago

was the best of the series it took the core gameplay of MGS1 and perfected it.

ozzman6653513d ago

the end boss in tekken 5 is the biggest douchebag of all time without a doubt besides possibly the twin chainsaw guys in re5