PlayStation LifeStyle - Patapon 2 Review

At 9AM PST the embargo lifted, and PlayStation LifeStyle has published their in-depth review of the first digital download only PSP title from SCEA.

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DJ3454d ago

Good thing i have a 2gig stick on my PSP. Can't wait to go home and download it. =]

Sev3454d ago

Luckily I have a 16GB which is FN empty LOL. I am gonna start buying more digital download games though with the new PSP on the way.

wolfehound223454d ago

I don't believe it is released till the 5th, so you still got a few more days.

JohnnyMann4203454d ago

...on the PSP Go!?

Ya know.... the new PSP that DESTRUCTOID told us about a month ago?

ThanatosDMC3454d ago

All im gonna say is beware of the ice dragon (Dodonga). That thing will annihilate all your patapons with one breath. Also, he only appears when it's snowing.

GWAVE3454d ago

Currently playing the EUR version, and it's very good. For fans of the first one, they pretty much improve and fix every single thing from the first one. You get a lot more Ka-ching and materials from enemies. Patapons are cheaper to make (both in terms of Ka-ching and materials). You can "go back" to earlier forms of Patapon without having to delete a soldier from the squad. There's a "warning" during Fever mode that tells you if you're about to lose Fever.

There's just so much goodness in this one. I can't wait to get the US version.

DJ3454d ago (Edited 3454d ago )

Plenty of sites did "new PSP rumor" articles and videos. PSLS is the only site that had actual facts, and sat down and dispelled many of the rumors about a week back.

They just happened to get plagiarized by 1UP long after publishing that information. Big deal. Let 1UP deal with the fallout. You're not their PR rep.

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xabmol3454d ago

This game deserves the great scores it is getting. I still can't put my PSP down, or get that damn beat out of my head. xD

Pata Pata Pata Pon! (>0.o)>

Pon Pon Pata Pon! <(o.0<)

FEVER!!! ^(0.0)^

matt2005usaf3454d ago

Awesome! I can't wait for this game!

Mc1873452d ago

This game is Crack straight crack.