Will the PS3 Ever Dominate the Market?

Jeff Saporito: If it becomes the king in 3-5 more years, it'll only be because everyone else on the planet already has their 360 or Wii, and they'll buy the PS3 out of lack of options. That or they want a Blu-Ray player, and well, you might as well get it in the form of a PS3 for the same price as a straight-up player. The next-gen will already be upon us… won't it?

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PSP23516d ago

no because the xbox 360 will dominate the wii lol are you serioussss

jammy_703516d ago

although the best console, with the greatest games, its just to expensive... people dont realize its free online, blue-ray, they just look at the price. the 360 is £120, though its not free online, and have to pay for A number of other things, people dont realize this, its cheaper, they buy that instead

it all comes doen to price, SONY GIVE THE PS3 A PRICE CUT!!!!!!

PSP23516d ago

who will buy a ps3 out of a lack of options,if anyhting people are buying ps3s because their only other option for hardcore gaming just died on them

PSP23516d ago

also i should notify you that the ps3 can sell 4 million consoles in japan thanks to gt5 and ff13 and team icos game,so microsofts 6 million lead will not stay for long

Mindboggle3516d ago

Will these wannabe journalists ever stfu ??

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The story is too old to be commented.