Final Fantasy XIII doesn't render at 1080p

Despite rumours and the sharpness of the visuals in the Final Fantasy XIII demo, the game will not run at full-HD.

The Final Fantasy XIII demo included with the Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete Blu-ray does not run at a 1080p resolution.

A Final Fantasy XIII fan site,, reported that Final Fantasy XIII runs at 1080p, or full-HD, despite the game actually rendering in 720p...

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PSP23490d ago

are you talking about ps3 or 360,because its in 1080p on the ps3 and we havent seen the 360 so you need to make sense

3490d ago
Killjoy30003490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

What kind of attack was that? Please retain at least some level of courtesy and respect in your disagreement. That kind of comment is like something you'd see in the open zone. Same goes for you PSP2.

But back on topic, I'm really hoping for 1080p. There are very few games sporting the resolution besides Wipeout HD, a few PSN games and a bunch of sports games.

JustinSaneV23490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

Where is GameZine's evidence? They're just playing "he said, she said".

I did not murder him3490d ago

You know they're not talking about the 360 version. People said the CGI was 1080p and tried to paint the gameplay as being 1080p. Isn't that the info you are basing your comments on.

MAiKU3490d ago

Obviously they're talking about the ps3 version as we haven't seen the 360 in action at all.

What they're saying is that the fan site made a mistake into thinking that what they were seeing was 1080p but really just some engine at work.

JsonHenry3490d ago

The video cut scenes are more than likely native 1080p as there is no reason for it not to be.

However, there have been little to no games for either system that run NATIVELY @ 1080p. Even though the games may be upscaled to either 720/1080 the game itself is not being run @ 1080p.

Anyone that knows even a little bit about what is under the hood of either console would know from that alone that native 1080i/p is just not gonna happen because of lack of power. Not to say the games won't look good, it is just not going to be rendered at 1080p natively.

Ghoul3490d ago

"All X360 games are upscaled to 1080p and have 2XAA."

delusional ? Dont know where you made up that info but thats utter nonsense.

Ju3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

@JsonH You seam to be on your crusade with "almost no games on either console runs native 1080p", since you bring that up in almost every 1080p discussion. I mean, at least on the PS3 there is a good dozen or more which run native 1080p.

But some above said, its a "he said, she said" problem, no prove what so ever. I doubt the game runs 1080p, and the site which brought that up did not even say that. What they said was, that the CGI scenes were 1080p, not the game play. There is room above 720p, heck even a pseudo 960x1080 res is higher then that, and certainly everything in between 720 and full 1920x1080, like WipeOut. That one being a full scale 60fps 1920x1080 game - even if it drops the line length to sustain the 60fps.


ridge racer - launch native 1080p
nba 07
nba 08
nba 09 - native 1080p
mlb the show 07
mlbts 08
mlbts09 -all native 1080p

TapiocaMilkTea3490d ago

The fansite never said the game runs at 1080p, they only said the cutscenes is at 1080p, there is nothing to correct if they read the fansite carefully.

Information Minister3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

You forgot Wipeout HD and GT5.

ON TOPIC- I distinctively remember the author of that fansite article stating that gameplay was 720p and only cutscenes were 1080p.

Capt CHAOS3490d ago

To think that the 360 can only render in 1080p, that's a big difference, even with your sony fanboy hat on, the PS3 ain't that much more powerfull than a 360.

Of which I know they are about equal.

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KionicWarlord2223490d ago

virtual tennis is on xbox 360...

Probaly in final version of gamethere will be more info about final fantasy.

JustinSaneV23490d ago

Why do people still sound surprised that high-end games don't render in 1080p? It has become industry standard to render games in 720p or lower resolutions simply because their is not enough horsepower to divide between particle effects, AI, animations, rendering/aliasing, etc.

We won't be seeing 1080p rendering as an industry standard until next-gen (more than likely).

Killjoy30003490d ago

Nobody ever said it was a standard. We know it's a luxury, but as much time and money that has been put into the game, and the recent comment from Square claiming they're still using the PS3's hardware to the best of their ability, it's somewhat expected from the general public that Square fills up the spec sheet.

JustinSaneV23490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

The guys at Beyond3D (GrandMaster of DigitalFoundry to be exact) say it's 720p with 2xMSAA and so that is what it is.

/End topic

GUNS N SWORDS3490d ago

yes, to be very pinpoint exact, said that the demo's cut movies ran at 1080p native but the game is 720p.

beyond3d says, ff13 ps3 is 720p with 2xaa

DaTruth3490d ago

1080p native cutscenes and 1080p upscaled with 2xAA gameplay, what a great idea! Best look and performance in one!

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