Red Faction Guerrilla to Dominate Open World Genre?

Andrew Weymes of The Nightly Gamer writes: "The previous entries in the Red Faction series have been linear first person shooters, so it's no surprise that fans of the series were a little worried when they heard that the latest entry entitled Red Faction Guerrilla was going to be in third person. Not only has the series made the transition from first person to third person but it has also gone from being a linear adventure to an open world adventure. While the open world genre has been around long before the release of Grand Theft Auto III, no one can deny that its release ignited the open world genre. It seems like you can't turn around without seeing another open world release. 2009 has already seen the very disappointing release of The Godfather II but games like Infamous and Prototype look intriguing to say the least. The Red Faction Guerrilla demo has been available on Xbox Live for a few nights and just saw a PSN release within the last three nights. Regardless of which platform you play it on, the developers of this game seem to have the right idea. An open world game without a world that you want to explore, destroy or both is a failure and you will assuredly want to cause as much destruction as possible in this demo until the games June release date."

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bomboclaat_gamer3489d ago

the demo was pretty fun to me

MrWeymes3489d ago

I clearly loved it. I've been pretty bored with the open world genre for a while but I can't wait for this, Infamous and possibly Prototype. Prototype is the least appealing to me based on what I have seen but I hope that it's worth a purchase.

WildArmed3489d ago

i've never played a RF game b4, and i fell in love with this game as soon as i shot the first bullet.
Reminds me of Mass Effect (and thats awesome!)

MrWeymes3489d ago

It's funny that you say that. Perhaps they way they set up the zooming is remesisent of Mass Effect because I thought the same thing at one point. Also, Mass Effect had some bland worlds as well. Now I want to play Mass Effect 2. :) I also want to watch the Mass Effect movie that I suggested that may never be made.

DragonWarrior_43489d ago

Thats a pretty bold claim. Ive played this game and yes the destruction is second to none. But this game makes me feel that it has a great skin for something bigger. I would love to see this type of destruction in a game like GTA. IMO this game has good tech, but it really doesn't do anything different to make it better then any open world game.

Personally I liked RF1 and 2 better then the demo. There wasn't that much of a story , but it was still decent, and you actually felt like you were on a inhospitable Mars. This game feels like its just trying to sell me a gimick. Sorta like GEars of War with its Lancer Gun. Chainsawing someone in half was cool, but the gun itself, including the game was weak. I dont see this game having much of an impact unless your a publisher or dev looking to use this tech in a game that could actually use it properly. Dont get me wrong, I think the gaming engine is fantastic. The shooting could be better, I would rather play this game in FPS style though.

MrWeymes3489d ago

I see what you're saying to an extent but I disagree. Maybe it's just because I just finished playing the worst open world game that I have played in years, The Godfather II but the recent Red Faction Guerrilla demos impressed the hell out of me. It may not dominate in terms of sale when compared to Infamous and Prototype but I see it getting great scores. The level of destruction that you can cause in this game is what people have been dreaming about since the birth of the open world genre. I just hope that there are some much bigger areas/small cities to go decimate in the full game.

N4PS3G3489d ago

The demo sucked dull and boring

manwich253489d ago

you got that right. The demo was crap, I would rather watch a marathon of the Highlander series.

MrWeymes3489d ago

You're entitled to your opinion but let's not take things to far. Highlander caused my eyes to bleed that one time I stumbled home and it happened to be on the Action channel.

N4Garbage3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

I think one of the best OpenWorld game is among us... we just haven't seen anything of it yet.

Halo3:ODST is set to be open world in a more harsh and realistic Halo environment.

Stealth approaching a Brute with a silenced M7S Sub Machine Gun on the dark and rainy streets of New Mombassa with up to 3 friends.

I can't wait for that game.

But on the topic...the RFG:Demo was pretty good even tho the guy is superhuman for no good reason...I mean does he have powers???

What man can run around with a Hammer and destroy buildings and trucks?? Only one man can carry that task and look good and that's Master Chief.

That's something I'd expect from GTA.... RFG as a shooter seems unrealistic even 50Cent:BoTS has better combat than this game.

3489d ago
nycredude3489d ago

I don't think he is kidding Myspaceisevil. N4garbage is a big MS fan.

MrWeymes3489d ago

I see guys destroy building all the time with hammers and such. They're called construction workers. :)

yoghurt3489d ago

From what I played of it, the demo, not a chance - pretty poor in my opinion which is a shame, as I loved the first and also the second RF

MrWeymes3489d ago

Would anyone care to elaborate on what made it fail? I know it's a short demo but I had a lot of fun just randomly causing destruction. I'm tired of open world games with nothing to do outside of missions.