MAG screenshots, character renderings, art [40 images]

Sony Computer Entertainment and Zipper Interactive have released plenty of artwork, character renderings and screenshots for MAG (Massive Action Game). There was little to be seen last year when MAG was introduced at E3 2008. This should be a make-up for that. There are 40 images to look over, ranging from the faction logos, types of infantry, screenshots, and concept art from some of the settings.

See the 40 images, fullscreen, here.

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Cartesian3D3486d ago

for an MMonline game with 256 player at once, it looks FANTASTIC.. and overall it looks really good.. my expectation was so much lower than this..

its a must buy for all shooter fans

pwnsause3486d ago

it looks like CS with 256 players, that's a good thing.

WildArmed3486d ago

or the graphics aren't so nice.. seem like PS2 graphics in some cases.
Considering its 256 players, i forgive it :D
Bring it on MaG! :D

jdawg2223480d ago

the more i see of this game. the more i want.. i agree with the CS similarities. very good thing

PotNoodle3480d ago

Looks around a CoD4 level of graphics, which is amazing considering the fact the people who have previewed the game have said that the big set pieces in CoD4 are happening all the time in M.A.G, but they are not fully scripted events like in CoD, they are 100% real time set off by players!

That is pretty amazing if you ask me.

Socomer 19793480d ago

thats just marvelous.
quite impressive indeed.