Eurogamer: Peter Moore Interview

Eurogamer: "We last caught up with the flamboyant president of EA Sports in Vancouver almost a year ago, at his division's first major public showcase since he quit Microsoft's Redmond mothership for a Liverpool FC-themed office in San Francisco.

Last week, the British exec who describes himself as a "hybrid Scouse-American", was at London's Emirates Stadium, home to the consistently trophyless Arsenal, for the unveiling of FIFA 10.

Moore used the occasion to update everyone on the performance and philosophy of EA Sports, assuring us, somewhat unnecessarily, that "we drip with testosterone", while outlining the "five pillars" of the company: "Expand the brand; Globalise; Digitise; Capture the core; Captivate the masses". All the while oozing manly sweat.

The details of EA's latest kickaround are strictly embargoed for the time being - stay tuned for an in-depth preview - but Eurogamer went pitchside with an ever-candid, engaging and thoughtful Moore to talk us through the rest of his squad."

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