Fate/Unlimited Codes Portable art book revealed

Check out the artwork samples and realize why retail will never be fully replaced.

Anoop Gantayat of andriasang writes:
"I was keeping up with all the PSP announcements over the week from America (Tekken and Soul Calibur haven't, for the record, been announced for Japan yet), and one particular announcement crossed my eye. Fate/Unlimited Codes Portable is getting a stateside release, only it will be in download-only form.

Here in Japan, the game is a full retail release, and thankfully so, as retail gives you a chance at stuff like this"

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ExcelKnight3455d ago

I'll have to agree that digital-only will deprive us of retail bonuses such as artbooks, soundtracks, figurines, and any other freebies some companies give us without the need for limited editions (it cuts into their profits, but if they're passionate enough... why not?).

I've rarely bought actual artbooks (I'm not an artist). I've also rarely hunted down soundtracks to games, most especially since they're usually as expensive (if not more) than regular music CDs. Both are usually only available in Japan, to boot.