Xbox 360 players are loners - This and more from Nintendo's latest research

Anoop Gantayat from writes:
"Nintendo is continuing with its pre-release promotions for Wii no Ma. Joining earlier updates at the Nintendo official site, the Wii no Ma page at the site was given an update of its own in the form of a lengthy video speech from CEO Satoru Iwata.[...]

I haven't listened to the whole speech yet, but here are some graphs Iwata posted:[...]

This one shows household user counts separated by platforms. Wii leads the way with 3.4 users per household. Xbox 360 lags with just 1.5."

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TheHater3489d ago

I am sorry Nintendo, but Nursing Homes and Retirement Homes don't count.

AAACE53488d ago

I won't bother reading the article cause I think I know what he means by that.

With the Wii, you have family and friends come over and play. Which is cool, but I remember when I used to have N64 parties and have a bunch of friends over. We had alot of fun, but they ate all the food, left my house a mess, and would get into the occasional fight.

No thanks nintendo... I have been down that road... i'll pass!

I like Xbox Live for the fact that I can play with my friends and not have to deal with a messy home or things getting broken.

rambi803488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

xenophobia [(zen-uh-foh-bee-uh, zee-nuh-foh-bee-uh)]

An unreasonable fear, distrust, or hatred of strangers, foreigners, or anything perceived as foreign or different.

Stop making excuses for ur retarded network and trying to convince people they should not want better.

irish-leprecaun3488d ago

always full of useful facts.

Leathersoup3488d ago

Nintendo is just trying to distract people from the whole Animal Crossing / Pedophile thing. ;)

rambi803488d ago


Question: Can I have a HDD?
Answer: You are a geek / otaku

Question: Can i have better online play?
Answer: You are a miserable loner/loser

I wish nintendo well

N4g_null3488d ago

WOW he did not say loners but I bet that hurt a lot of you guys? Tough love I guess? Maybe you should learn to share your games? Maybe you could delete a little of the porn off those hard drives also? You know make it decent for the kids?

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mastiffchild3489d ago

The amount of seemingly pointless figures spouted from games industry sources is incredible. Normal NPD figures can be spun and used in which ever way you like but Nintendo know what really matters!

Are these figures World wide or just Japan and could you only take part in the survey if you had every console listed(as that seems like the only way of extrapolating any actual prference when more homes will contain a Wii than a PS360)?

What do we gain from a gender comparison of Wii gamers by age? Targetting data for devs? But they need to see what these people play too don't they? I'm not diggingout anyone over this it just seems that we get loads of these weird snippets of survey/sales/attach ratio figures posted on N4G yet to practically all of us they're completely useless-EVEN if all the variable are explained.

Still, I suppose it shows they're being thorough, or have too many people in market research needing to justify their job titlea.

PS360WII3489d ago

yup nothing like baseball stats. This is the first time on a Tuesday two games were released with the letter z in them!

Perjoss3488d ago

i like you pic, always reminds me of this:



Hallucinate3489d ago

okay i fail to see the logic in this...xboxs is all about be social

n to the b3489d ago

it's just Nintendo mktg. of course wii users have to have more than 1 person in the household, since their networking setup is a joke!

PS360WII3489d ago

Xbox is about being social online while Wii is about being social in the same room. That's all they are trying to get at I believe

talltony3488d ago

they are trying to say that xbox live keeps you playing by yourself with other people online. And the wii makes you play with your friends cause of the lack of online support for almost all games.

ExcelKnight3489d ago

I'm actually surprised Nintendo would do stat-tracking chest beating to promote a completely new service. It almost seems like they're trying to convince their shareholders that the video service isn't useless.

SpoonyRedMage3488d ago

Well I have a noticed a difference in how multiplayer is undertaken on the HD consoles and the Wii.

On the Wii you get a bunch of friends around and just have some fun but on the HD consoles you stay at home and go online. It's a different experience.

I like how online has helped communication and gaming but I much prefer having my friends there with me.

ceedubya93488d ago

But I don't mind playing at home by myself, BUT online with friends. If they aren't right there in the room with me, at least I know who I'm playing with online. Friends definitely make the experience better, online or not. I tend to stay away from playing online most of the time if I'm just playing with a bunch of randoms. Mute is usually my friend.

SpoonyRedMage3488d ago

I'm the same, I don't mind playing online on Echoes of Time for instance but it's much better when I go on it with my brother.

Or even games like Left 4 Dead, I much prefer going on in a team of two online than me and three random people. I think you play better as well.

Baka-akaB3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

That's spinning it way to hard imo . At least with "hd consoles" you actually really get to do both .

I've never heard people having issues gathering people for street fighter 4 , rock band/guitar hero , singstar , PES/FIFA/MADDEN/NBA/NFL/MLB stuff , some split screen co-op fps , quizz games like buzz , game like little big planet , racing games .

Only the "nature" of those people you gather would change for next gen consoles , with mostly hardcore or amateur gamers , if you discount the music and quizz games .
While on the wii you'd gather more easily non players and a non-game savvy family .

But again hd consoles get both worlds ... same can't be really said here for the wii .
Online isnt as convincing and practical with friends codes and the available games . And if you're a lone player you'll have choices , but far more limited and maybe , maybe overall less good than hd console's offering .

Both got their advantage , but i dont buy that "hd console are for loners" crap , it could easily be counter argued that you can't even be alone on the "other side"

Especially when others like Sony cared for the casual market way before the wii

SpoonyRedMage3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

Well the Wii does have a serviceable online system, it works just for playing games but it's nowhere near as good as the HD consoles. But I do feel with the HD consoles instead of getting your friend over to play games it is just easier for both of you to stay at home and play online.

I also disagree about Sony caring for the casual before the Wii. There's a reason Nintendo rose to prominence with the Famicom, you know, the FAMIly COMputer.

EDIT: Also there's a trend where games on the HD consoles are having online only multiplayer. Crackdown's bad enough with requiring a system link.

Baka-akaB3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

How is that easier ? it's just another public .
There is nothing hard about gathering friends fan of a particular game or genre . It's just another crowd , while like you said , online is better done on hd consoles usually .

As for your second point , i dont remember many family caring for a zelda nes , only the kids and youngs ...
At most you'd hear snide comments from our parents , like why the hell is that guy a plomber , and why does he grows with mushrooms ? Then they'd walk away

The casual concept , before it ever was named was mostly done by third party dev for pretty unique games on console , pc or arcade , then used in similar or different games by Sony , nintendo , sega or microsoft

SpoonyRedMage3488d ago

Well as you said the fact that you can get non-gamers playing on the Wii does make it easier to have a local multiplayer. And on the HD consoles I've only found it easy to get friends round to play the really popular games like Halo because I for one know hardly anyone who will play Eternal Sonata multiplayer.

Did you have Duckhunt on the NES, that was a big hit with my parents, always used to play it.

Baka-akaB3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

No that's not at really what i meant . I said different games for different crowds period , nothing about one being easier than the other . I've yet to see many people refuse to go play some of those games at their friends , because "hey i can do it online !"

I myself always enjoyed well done casual and "party" games , but there are still plenty experienced gamers that wouldnt go near it . Just look at the amount of wii trolling everyday to get a small glimpse , even if most of it is jealousy based here and on most forums .

Just like plenty parents and older folks wouldnt understand the appeal of a street fighter or halo and would only be attracted to more "healthy" and simpler games .

SpoonyRedMage3488d ago

Ahh, we're misunderstanding each other. That was just an example about how it's not always easy to get people round to play certain games, one of the up sides of Online but I know if I asked friends to come to my house to play Halo they'd say "Why don't we just go on Xbox Live?".

You are right that the nature of the Wii's online does remove that but even in game design now there's a big emphasis on online multiplayer and not neccesarily offline multiplayer. Look at how many games don't have bots now or the fact that Survival mode can only be played online of Left 4 Dead.

You are right about parents not getting games like Steet Fighter and Halo though.

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