Special Edition inFAMOUS pre-orders for Australians

Pre-order inFAMOUS from these participating Australian retailers, EB Games, JB HI-FI or GAME to secure a limited edition inFAMOUS bonus items. Each retailer is providing an exclusive item/s, all supply the Gigawatt Blades Power Pack downloadable from the PlayStation Store (Redeemable Code).

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Gawny3491d ago

The image also links to the playstation uk site...
There will be the same there?

BlackPrince 423491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

Wait, now I can't tell, is this a special edition with new, and better box art, or it that a cover for the game when you preorder it like with Bioshock and Far Cry?

HBK6193491d ago

It's a slip on cover(Like the Bioshock cover), not really a special edition, just the normal edition with a few extras for pre-ordering.

HBK6193491d ago

So far I am disappointed, no news of Uncharted 2 beta coming to it, and the release date is still saying June.

I NEED THIS GAME! I want it to be released when it does worldwide, please don't screw us again.