Early Media Create (4/20 - 04/26) hardware numbers

PSP - 39,100
Dsi - 37,000
PS3 - 23,900
Wii - 19,500
DSL - 6,500
X360 - 6,100
PS2 - 4,000

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sack_boi3513d ago

Pretty Sh**ty numbers all around.

resistance1003513d ago

Ps3 maintains its lead over Wii however

II Necroplasm II3513d ago

for how long though? I believe in total numbers the high sells is still leaning on the Wii's side a bit lol

II Necroplasm II3513d ago

Well I want to get a Wii for the really good games it has got so far. I haven't got to play mario galaxy yet.

Sorry I forgot people think that a sales spike is winning...

morganfell3513d ago

Anything to try and bash the PS3 eh? "Well it isn't ahead by much!" I seem to have forgotten. What is the cost difference?

pwnsause3513d ago

xbox 360- 7,016
great sales spike....NO.

housegroove763513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

Sorry I forgot people think that a sales spike is winning...

The thing is a spike over the course of time becomes a plateau.

This is a spike /\ and this is a plateau /--------\ So which shows the weeks and weeks of PS sales?

UltimateIdiot9113513d ago

It's not much of a sales spike if PS3 has been beating the Wii for over the last 8 weeks. So far, by consoles sold this year in Japan, PS3 is winning.

jrsenkbe3513d ago

The Monster Hunter games are designed to be played with friends. The wii friends codes and poor online service make it hard for this to happen.

Saigon3512d ago

the PS3 still outsold the wii...and with MH out...

Danja3512d ago

well to be honest no one really expected MHG to push Wii hardware it's just a port of a 4 year old PS2 game...

MH3 will sure move some hardware on the Wii side..

overall a rather slow week which is to be expected nothing big on any platform.... good sales for the PS3 once again

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TheHater3513d ago

surprised that the PSP is outselling the newly release DSi. WTF is going on with Sony and Nintendo in Japan?
PS3 is back to earth in Japan.

SpoonyRedMage3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

The DSi isn't newly released in Japan. It's nearly half a year old and the PSP is behind the DS anyhow.

Keep in mind the PSP is also on it's third model(the Go will be it's fourth).

@V: Well it was released in November so yup.

TheHater3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

oh, I didn't know that the DSi came out in Japan about half of a year now.

Edit: Oh it was release this month in Europe and the United States.

butterfinger3512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

What was your point about the PSP being on it's third model? The DS is also on it's third model. DSi>DSlite>DS The Japanese simply prefer the PSP. They love their Monster Hunter more than Pokemon.

OK, I see your point, but it is pretty sad that the DSi has already taken a back seat to the PSP (even being out 6 months). DS sales are going down again, along with the Wii's. Japanese sales affect me in no way, shape, or form, but these are facts.

SpoonyRedMage3512d ago

Well that's my point, they're both on their third model but they separate the DSi and DSL's sales.

...and Monster Hunter may outsell Pokémon but the DS is still outselling the PSP.

My problem is; saying the PSP is outselling the DSi is akin to saying in America the PS3 outsells the Elite 360s.

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Chris Hansen3513d ago

Monster Hunter 3 demo didn't do sh*t for the Wii.

TheHater3513d ago

wasn't some site was expecting the Wii to sell 100K during the week of the demo?

mpmaley3513d ago

Japanese love their MH on the GO...not in a family room. New PSP MH will sell more than the Wii game.

n4gn4gn4gn4g3512d ago

has been played to hell already on the PS2 and PSP, it is a port of an old game ... I'm actually surprised that it sold 130k first week.

It is not a indicator of how MH3 will perform imo.

mac4u103513d ago

the ps3 countinues to "wii" all over the Wii

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