Demons Soul needs to be brought to the PSP ASAP!

ConceptualGamer is a big fan of Demons Souls by From software and he feels that the game would be a welcome edition on Sony's PSP if it were brought to the system.

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Pennywise3519d ago

Umm forget the PSP.... How about they bring it to the west.

CPmonkey3519d ago

Probably should of started the article with your comment.

Pennywise3519d ago

lol - thanks. I think this game looks great. I am currently waiting on my import.

CPmonkey3519d ago

I'm the guy who wrote the article and I have clocked up 100hrs plus so far and i'm still playing.

Its really good.

ssipmraw3519d ago

they already have monster hunter jks

release it for ps3 to the rest of the world first