Third Parties Fare Well On Most-Wanted Wii List

Wii Sports Resort, Nintendo's followup to the pack-in game Wii Sports, handily claims the title of most-wanted Wii game among the system's user base, according to data from research group OTX shared with Gamasutra.

But while a first-party Nintendo game took the top slot -- and an essentially second-party game, Sega's Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games, took the second -- third parties have reason to be optimistic on the platform, which is frequently seen as somewhat inhospitable to other publishers.

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Shnazzyone3514d ago

where's the conduit on this list?? Who did they ask, the stereotypical wii user? Though i do agree with ghostbusters being on that list. The wii version does look quite tempting to say the least.

mastiffchild3514d ago

No conduit but MW2 is really disappointing, imo. Why look forward to a game that a, we won't get on Wii, b, won't be as good as the other versions even if it did as it'd be a port and gimped compared to the PS360 game?

Most Wii owners therefore are looking forward to a FPS that isn't coming rather than one designed from the ground up for the Wii, supporting Wii speak and has been designed specifically to push as much out of Wii as possible. Heartbreaking when you consider that WaW took ages to sell anything even with the COD tag. I realise it broke 1 million a while ago but what chance does all this show for The Conduit and HVS? If only Wii had demos.