Peter Moore Vs VG247 - Round One

VG247: "Peter Moore, now president of EA Sports, gives the best interview in games. No question. We were lucky, then, to find him in blustery form in the penthouse of London's Ark last week, where we discussed the following:

* EA layoffs
* How everything went "pear-shaped" in 2008
* The effect of the macro-economy on gaming's sports sector
* How EA Sports Active allows the company to speak to "her"
* Why he'll continue putting out yearly updates to sports games
* How DLC keeps sports games "fresh"
* Why EA Sports Active is "bigger than a game, bigger than a franchise, bigger than a product"
* That EA Sports Active is a "true platform that we can sell expansion packs, sell more peripherals, ultimately get some download on there"
* Why he wants to get your heartbeat on a TV screen
* Why he'd love to bring EA Sports Active to 360 and PS3 but can't
* How he's going to make announcements on EA Sports PC SKUs in the coming months
* That EA Sports is "abandoning the old model of physical media" in relation to PC
* Why the "future is online and connected" for EA Sports on PC
* How EA Sports games on PC are to follow Asian business models
* That GTA was the driving force behind EA's desire for a Take-Two buyout

This is the first half of our conversation. Tomorrow's portion contains the exec's views on the console race, the current hardware cycle and plenty more."

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