Resolution: Stalin vs. Martians review

Resolution writes: "The score's for the normal people. The people who require competent "gameplay", an engaging story, or - you know - anything to make any sense at all. The people who quite rightly don't enjoy paying seventeen pounds for what is essentially a pretty awful game. But it is to take nothing away from Stalin vs. Martians' trio of developers. This is quite clearly the product of a collective of minds working towards a common, if absolutely ludicrous, goal. It totally succeeds. A weird part of my soul loves them for that."

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Johandevries3516d ago

This is a very dry review, you shouldn't take the f*cking game serious in any way. Not worth a review because of the parody-content.

Baka-akaB3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

Yeah sure , but money is a quite serious matter .
I'm more than happy to pay for comedy , but it gotta be worth something .

Nothing prevented them from actually doing a decent game with the same humor . Or some free flash games