In Major Shift, Apple Builds Its Own Team to Design Chips

Apple Inc. is building a significant capability to design its own computer chips, a strategy shift that the company hopes will create exclusive features for its gadgets and shield Apple's work from rivals.

The Silicon Valley trend-setter has been hiring people from many different segments of the semiconductor industry, including engineers to create multifunction chips that are used in cellphones to run software and carry out other chores.

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drewsny3487d ago

now all apple products are 3 times the price, it only costs 6000 dollars to get an overrated laptop now.

kewlkat0073487d ago

Apple really wants to keep it's profit margins high...

I can't say that they do not sell but I wonder if they will ever compete on the REAL with MS.

Shadowstar3487d ago

How is this so different than when they were doing things as part of Apple-IBM-Motorola? It's not a "major" shift, IMO. I just hope we don't have yet another chipset switch soon...

krauler3487d ago

this shift is probably only for mobile devices. They have too much invested in intel tech to drop them....imo

Kaneda3487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

Maybe this is away for them to innovate future tech products. Work with other companies that follow tech standards and everyone thinks within the box and not outside of the box.

Having their own team and doing their own research to innovate their future products. Don't see anything wrong with that.

While PC fanboys are bashing them, but still have floppy drive on their computer..

They just stole some xbox marketing executive from M$.. guess  ibox is coming out soon...

drewsny3487d ago

when you kindly pointed out that pc fanboys still have a floppy drive because they are not innovative, you could say the opposite which is worse for a mac. While a cheap pc may be equal and greater than any mac, apple is making a laptop that is one of the most expensive on the market that doesn't even include a DVD drive. Why would i want a 1600 dollar laptop that isn't even better than a netbook and that doesn't even have a DVD drive. If thats innovative than you can have it.

Kakkoii3487d ago

Minimalism isn't innovation.

Kaneda3487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

are you preferring to MacBook Air that doesn't have DVD drive? MacBook Air designed to be wireless, if you need to use DVD drive you can connect wirelessly with a computer near by with a DVD drive.

Kakkoii3487d ago

No, it's designed to be thin and simple. That was the goal. But at the expense of internal disc drives.

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