PS3 to be dominant in 3 - 5 years, says Reeves

Outgoing Sony Europe president David Reeves has said that the PlayStation 3 still has a long way to go before it can overtake Microsoft's Xbox 360 on the market, with the exec predicting it could take up to five more years for the console to become the market leader.

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Omega43514d ago (Edited 3514d ago )

So Sony, MS and the majority of 360 supporters know it. The only ones left in denial are the die hard PS3 supporters

The funny thing is in 3 years time the next gen would have most likely already started, so i guess this means Sony has just admitted defeat

HighDefinition3514d ago (Edited 3514d ago )

I don`t know about that.

The PS3 is doing fine, and it`s outperforming the 360 easily with each passing game. It`s common knowledge know that the PS3 is more powerful. Plus the ammount of known quality games coming out is double or triple the 360s. The 360s advantage is the price mixed w/ the state of the economy, which puzzles me why the ps3 doesn`t just drop it`s price.

On a brighter note, just buy both the systems and have fun.

commodore643514d ago

In 3-5 years?
Did I hear that right?
From the horse's mouth?


Isn't that what all the 360 fans have been saying all along?

Oh, it is nice to be vindicated by David Reeves himself!


HighDefinition3514d ago (Edited 3514d ago )

No, 360 (only) people have been saying the PS3 sucks.

Which is untrue.

EDIT: OK, I guess it`s true. LOL.

3514d ago
heroicjanitor3514d ago

It'll probably be the only current gen console on the market by then.

Omega43514d ago

"it`s outperforming the 360 easily with each passing game"

If all you care about is graphics then yes maybe so, but in terms of gameplay i dont think so

But with a name like Highdefintion im not surprised by your comment

coolfool3514d ago

not when will it over take the Xbox but will it overtake the xbox at all? How many more a month will it have to sell for it to surpass Xbox in 3 years?

Nineball21123514d ago

LOL... well, with MS's 8 Million (or so...) lead in unit sales, I don't think anyone really expected Sony to catch up in the next year or two.

Now, if there had been a price cut implemented around the same time that MS did theirs, then it might be a different story.

I'm not sure how things will play out in the next few years. I do expect MS to announce a new console sooner rather than later, since the PS3 is arguably a better piece of hardware currently.

The question is "Does it matter that the PS3 is a better system?"

Once MS comes out with a new console, does Sony follow them or do they roll the dice, wait a few years and THEN release a new console? Then they might be first in the NEWEST gen! LOL...

Eh, who gives a #$%#? We've all got plenty of games to play between now and then. :-)

HighDefinition3514d ago (Edited 3514d ago )

"If all you care about is graphics then yes maybe so, but in terms of gameplay i dont think so"

Lighting, Physics and just about everything else. To deny the PS3 is more powerful at this point, is just showning your true colors.

What gameplay? I`m STILL playing Fable2, cause theres NOTHING else to play for it.

boodybandit3514d ago (Edited 3514d ago )

Because we all know Sony will abandon the PS3 when the PS4 is released just like they did with the PS2 and original PS. /s

Have you learned nothing from Sony since the entered the gaming industry?

Vertius3514d ago (Edited 3514d ago )

Well, the Wii's sold almost 50 million. I'd be surprised if it only takes 3-5 years to outdo that. ;)

Odd that he considers the 360 as the market leader...

I wonder if the new guy will give us such delicious headlines? I'm going to miss 'ol Reevesy...

Omega43514d ago

Well i wonder if your STILL playing Uncharted, LBP, R&C or even Killzone 2 now

Unlike Sonys games MS's exclusives have got extremely lengthy replay value games like Halo3 and Gears are still played like crazy even after being on the market for ages

What would rather have games like Heavenly Sword, Uncharted, R&C which last you a couple of hours then you never touch them again. Or games like Halo 3, Gears, Mass Effect or your favourite Fable which last you for a lifetime?

chrisnick3514d ago

the next gen is a long ways off...the economy is in no shape for companies to be passing around money for parts and things to build new, more expensive hardware, and besides, didn't don mattrick himself say that the 360 will outlast the ps3? if they they put out another console before sony does they will have admitted defeat. then again, all of you who bought a 360 will be left in the cold because there will be no more support for your console and the 50 u were paying per month for live would have become the new live and made only for the next gen players to use...but if ms puts out another console b4 sony they would have officially admitted defeat.

chrisnick3514d ago (Edited 3514d ago )

ppl are still playing mass effect multiplayer. jesus man, if you had a ps3, you would know there are still hundreds of thousands of ppl still playing the original resistance multiplayer and u just listed a bunch of adventure games that shouldn't have multiplayer and compared it to your best YOU ARE NOT SMART.

oh and i also played fable, completed it fully in a week and after that it was just a bunch of ppl who wouldnt get out of my effin way when i was in the town, the game is good but repetitive and an upgrade of the first (which is a classic) YOU FAIL....TRY AGAIN.

antt33514d ago

That's what confuses me. It sounds like people would rather own a console that sells more, but lasts a shorter lifespan, than a console that sells less and has a 10 year lifespan.

I could care less about which console sells more or "wins" some pissing contest. All i care about is that I purchased, first of all, a console that fits my needs, and secondly, one that will be supported and have great games for a long time.

Anon19743514d ago (Edited 3514d ago )

I've always followed the sales trends as an exercise in attempting to understand the industry that's given me so much enjoyment over the past 30 or so years that I've been gaming, but I've always been puzzled by people's idea that there has to be some "winner" in this console race for them to gloat over. Let's have a look, shall we?

The Wii's been selling great for the past two years, somehow appealing to casual gamers and bringing non-gamers into the fold. However it's been widely criticized for a flood of "shovelware" and developers are having a hard time finding success on the platform that's now sold almost 50 million. Ubisoft, EA, Activision, Take Two are all showing the same trends, despite the Wii's huge console lead it's has done nothing to move anymore software than the other guys.

The 360 will always be the console that failed, no matter how the sales end up. Talk to a group of 360 owners and chances are pretty good they'll have stories of console failure to tell you. No matter how it plays out in the end it will always be the console for me that taught me to game in fear. I'm personally on my 4th console and whenever I boot the damn thing up I cringe, expecting another console to bite the dust on me. HD DVD was a failed venture, the majority of the game titles showed us the same old thing - just slightly prettier and when all the dusts settles the very real possibility is that MS Entertainment will have not made a dime on the 360. Only one profitable year doesn't make up for the billions lost in R&D and warranty extensions and now it looks like MS Entertainment is back to posting losses again.

The PS3 came into this gen as a high priced, fully featured behemoth. Despite it's high price it's managed to sell faster than the 360 ever did, it cemented Blu-Ray as the hi-def format of choice and has provided an incredible gaming experience from the new iterations of old favorites to the creative masterpieces currently available over their network. And gamers have shown that they're willing to shell out for the rock solid hardware with hot multiconsole titles easily holding their own in sales with the bigger installed base of the 360 and developers reporting that the PS3 is easily carrying it's own weight in terms of revenue generated.

I don't pretend to know which console is going to come in front sales wise when all's said and done, but I can sure tell you as a gamer who's owned all 3 which console has won in my household.

theox2g73514d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

"The PS3 is doing fine, and it`s outperforming the 360 easily with each passing game. It`s common knowledge know that the PS3 is more powerful. Plus the ammount of known quality games coming out is double or triple the 360s. The 360s advantage is the price mixed w/ the state of the economy, which puzzles me why the ps3 doesn`t just drop it`s price."

lol, i like ps3 and all but that doesn't make sense, xbox outperformed ps2 easily from the very beginning and it was common knowledge that the xbox and gamecube were more powerful, Did that even matter? No, it's nice to have superior graphics but in the end, it doesn't matter, ps2 was the weakest but nobody gave a flying crap about tech specs, the only thing that was important was that ps2's graphics were simply good enough to pass by so it wasn't a wii like situation, they didn't have to look xbox exclusive good but they were fine just like the graphics are for 360's games today, sure ps3 games look slightly better but that isn't going to magically place them over 360, if graphics was all that mattered, xbox would've won last gen

the other statement, well that's your opinion not fact, metacritic and a mass amount of gamers out there beg to disagree with you on this one, Amount of quality games on ps3 isn't double or triple those of the 360s, Sorry to burst your bubble, Maybe you're biased to like ps3 games more but it's just about equal tipping slightly in favor of ps3 now, Remember ps3 got off to a slow start so it evens out as at now with a loaded 2009 lineup, when you tally both consoles with all games released since launch, it's a AAA stalemate or slight win in ps3 favor iMO but not by a large margin let alone double or triple, Now if 2010 comes with God of War 3, GT5, a new ICO game, Getaway and a couple next gen reboots of playstation exclusives released and there's 0 xbox 360 exclusives by then(theoritically impossible), then we can talk double triple AAAs in ps3's favor

Edit: lol, 1 disagree already, denial isn't just some river, i like sony but i don't drink da koolaid, please support your disagree with an argument

Edit: @ below, is that all you can get out of my post, seriously, did you even get my point? the 1 year head start doesn't matter, no one says that the ps2 came out earlier so xbox and gamecube had an excuse for falling behind, if you want to start nitpicking for excuses, there's plenty logical loopholes, Sony has gathered the largest 1st party and resources from massively dominating 2 cycles straight and being in the industry longer so their lineups should even be more exponentially better than the competition, by that logic ps3 should have 10x more games, and if ps3 has so many more AAA games, why aren't people responding and buying them more? Ps3 is roughly at the same installbase as 360 was 2007 fall, So why can't it still deliver similar software sales results on its amazing exclusives besides MGS4?

Christopher3514d ago

Let me get this straight. You agree that it's about even, possibly tipping in favor of the PS3, for quality, high rated games, right? And you say that the PS3 may win over in the future. Did you forget the one-year difference in their console's release in your equation?

ZuperAmazingCooKie3513d ago

Not only in terms of console sales, but 3rd party game sales (you know, the ones that 3rd parties care about in order to support a particular platform) are indicative of where to put their eggs. PS3 has been consistently the top software seller for quite a while now for many companies, especially on 3rd party blockbusters. And while that's surprising to some because of the install bases, it's not that much if you consider the following facts:

-PS3 sells more software in Europe, which translates into higher revenue from PS3 games and therefore higher margins on PS3 games. That speaks a lot to publishers. So even if there's an install base difference with the 360, the 360's advantage stems from America and that's basically it. America has the weakest game-price/currency ratio of all major game industry regions.

-360 games are easily pirateable. Considering that Xbox 360 just got pretty cheap in the holidays, what stops anyone from re-buying used modded Arcade 360s if all the games they have are free? It's pretty cheap, if you can get a $199 Arcade 360 you could probably get it as used for $149 or even less. And that's only if it RRODs, so it's only as likely as an event with a probability of 33%.

-Wii is not only pirateable, but the few 3rd party blockbusters on it have sold very poorly. Whether they made their money back is not as relevant as the fact that there is more money to be made on next-gen consoles. As the "reggienator" confirmed, it's not as cheap to do Wii games anymore due to the demand from high production values from gamers. When you see the figures for "MadWorld", that's not an encouraging for hardcore Wii owners (The 66,000 of them).

The only viable option for companies is to either put up a high quality third party which is guaranteed to sell several millions of units as long as they don't screw it up, or put out a bunch of shovelware which will not result in significantly better profit margins if at all.

This year is critical for next-generation consoles, especially for PS3 as Microsoft can't do anything more as they already dropped the price and are doing what they can to bribe 3rd party developers and put out more halo merchandise. It's up to Sony to increase PS3 marketshare, and HD marketshare in order to not let Nintendo get the cake in terms of 3rd party software sales.

Sony is still winning and they would keep their place as 3rd party software seller if they knock $100 off the retail price to hava a $299 SKU. If that happens, "next-gen" will keep showing the way for publishers, especially for PS3. That's likely to happen by the holidays unless Sony completely screws up cost-cutting on the PS3.

If the above happens, which isn't farfetched, then things will stay as they are, and/or improve for Sony and the PS3. And if that's the case, it's gonna be harder for Microsoft to keep buying timed exclusives and forgettable DLC; eventually most 360 games will arrive on PS3.

Wii owners will probably keep bathing in shovelware, so considering reliability rates, exclusivity of games, features and so on, the PS3 is probably the only viable or safe choice if you're a gamer with a budget to get only one console this generation. That is unless you want last-generation technology with tacked on gimmicks, or if you want technology that fails every few months and has little or no compelling exclusive content.

DragonWarrior_43513d ago

The only thing the ps3 needs to go against the xbox 720 is more RAM. Its processor is fast enough to last the next 8 years.

Marquis_de_Sade3513d ago

3-5 years? I think we already know that, as the price drops I can see sales snowballing due to the power of the Playstation brand, but by this time I would think/hope we have a new generation of console tech out.

Grandizer3513d ago

"the next gen is a long ways off...the economy is in no shape for companies to be passing around money for parts and things to build new, more expensive hardware"

Well, with the Dollars - or Yens - they print, Nintendo could afford to work on 2 different console concepts and have them playtested by 10000 folks and still be richer than their competitors.

Microsoft is also richer than the devil, so, if they can work on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, Mobile, Live and all other crazy things. I`m sure that they can afford to have a full time team working on the next xbox and that since probably 1 year before the 360 launched.

And then there is Sony, cutting staff but not prices. They are the ones that can`t afford a new console, at least not blowing billions into a new media format that might be history in 2 or 3 years and billions again in a CPU that would be rendered obsolete 4 months before launch by Intel`s Core 2. [Apple saw that coming, they left the Cell`s big, full featured, brother (the PowerPC cpu) behind to adopt Intel`s cpu]

Speaking of Apple, I`m surprised that, at this point, they aren`t working on their own console. I see them as a perfect fit to challenge Nintendo with trendy hardware that attracts the least gamer of them all to their product. Picture the product line: iPlay (yep, sad name but that could be it), iMac, iPod, iPhone, iDiot...

I can`t wait to see the WiiSports competing against iSports or WiiSuck against iSuck.... that would rule on suckas

La Chance3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

"The whole idea of someone "winning" the console wars is and always has been ridiculous."
Funny you werent saying that before , you were one of those naive sony fanboys who believed that Sony would magically come back.

"No matter how it plays out in the end it will always be the console for me that taught me to game in fear."
Yeah right!! Boo hoo cry me a river.You need psycological help if you "game in fear" hahaha.Ridiculous , nobody believes you.

SONY fanboys are in COMPLETE denial

Sony THEMESELVES knows the 360 is here to stay AHEAD of the PS3.

Geez at least Sony PR's arent as naive stupid blind as their fanboys.

Thumbs up to Reeves.

I bet we'll still see Sony fanboys up here on N4G acting like they know better than Sony themselves.

Sony fanboys please SHUT UP and let the SONY do the talking.At least they make sense.

P.S : cant wait for oh my...alot of mouths are going to be shut every year!

LJWooly3513d ago

I think all you guys should know that the least popular console is always teh best.

FlameBaitGod3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

Only blind fanboys like you Omega cant seem to see how much better the PS3 is doing right now compared to the 360. La Change ur also one of those blinded 360 fan boys btw. Name all the 360 exclusives and features the 360 has and compare them to the PS3, post them in here so every 1 can see and let every 1 judge which console is better ? I know u prefer sales than to play a good game. 8 million lead because its been out 16 more months than the PS3, look at NPD for both consoles and look how many they sold in 2 years and post it here to see who is really selling faster. DO it to shut up every 1 u r referring too. The game companies saying they make more profit with the PS3 like EA, SE and Ubisoft are obviously lying right LA Change and Omega4 ? PS3's blu ray format is dead right guys ? just because it keeps breaking records is just luck right ? Sony waste's 30 mil on ads for their games like MS right ? You talk about sales but the only game i see doing sales is Halo ? Sony doing so bad right guys, dk where they get the money to keep doing exclusives, i mean they losing so much money i don't know how its possible. Y would some 1 one to be a ps3 owner, just look at how many exclusives they are making compared to the 360.... wait... 360 hasn't released an exclusive since when ?

Unicron3513d ago

"Sony THEMESELVES knows the 360 is here to stay AHEAD of the PS3. "

People still think the 360 isn't here to stay? What idiots think that? Oh, must be the same idiots that think the console race actually matters. Sorry, Imma worry about the awesome games like Alan Wake and Uncharted 2. You guys can piss about whose toy sold more and feel justified in your hobby, because things are more fun when your toy sells more. Kudos :-)

Anon19743513d ago

You said "Sony THEMESELVES knows the 360 is here to stay."

Um..correct me if I'm wrong but isn't the title of the article "PS3 to be dominant in 3 - 5 years"? How you read "The 360 is here to stay ahead of the PS3" out of that is beyond me.

And I've never stated that Sony would suddenly rise up and catch up to the 360 overnight. Don't put words in my mouth.

And yes, I cringe a little whenever I'm playing my 360. There was a point when I had hundreds of dollars in software and my 360 was my console of choice. I didn't touch my PS3. Multiple 360's later the tables turned and now every time my 360 stutters, every time it hiccups or locks up on me I'm checking my disks to see if they're scratched or crossing my fingers while I reboot. Not that I play my 360 all that much anymore. After 4 consoles I'd be stupid to have not learned my lesson and if it dies now that the warranty is up, I won't be replacing it.

7thNightvolley3513d ago

Say adiyos to ur bubbles.. looool..

WildArmed3513d ago

"take up to five more years for the console to become the market leader."
Market leader being Wii.. not 360.
So 360 will (according to them) should be 3rd by 2010?
considering Wii is pawning everything.

majorsuave3513d ago

"I think all you guys should know that the least popular console is always teh best. "

And I just been taught the Dreamcast handed the Gamecube, PS2 and Xbox their asses. :)

And the TurboGraFx did the same to the Genesis and SNES

""take up to five more years for the console to become the market leader."
Market leader being Wii.. not 360.
So 360 will (according to them) should be 3rd by 2010?
considering Wii is pawning everything. "

Of course the PS3 will be the leader in 5 years, both competitors will be releasing next gen titles by then.
Exactly in the way the PS2 has been leading for 2 years.

JokesOnYou3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

So the head guy says it will take another 3-5 yrs to catch up. My, my, how times have changed sinced the pre-launch predictions. Welcome to reality Mr. Reeves.


PopEmUp3513d ago

"Wii vibrator" is that some kind of sex toys? Lmao!!!

Rhythmattic3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

" a CPU that would be rendered obsolete 4 months before launch by Intel`s Core 2. [Apple saw that coming, they left the Cell`s big, full featured, brother (the PowerPC cpu) behind to adopt Intel`s cpu] "

Just to point out, the 360 Xenos CPU is PPC based, Actually the original development kits were actually Apple G5's

just one example.

It was actually a smart move by apple to buy Jobs Next Step (which ran natively on PPC and X86 CPU's) to employ intel based CPU's, all those people that were scared of a unknown OS were assured they could still boot in the known quantity, windows. However, most people I know boot only into windows to play games.....

BTW, the reason Apple dropped Power PC was due to IBM;s resources designing the Xenos CPU and not developing a a low wattage G5 processor to put in their (biggest selling line) macbooks/powerbooks.

It was clear. power/performance ratio was in intels favour.

You cant blame IBM though, can you. Would you prefer 10 million macs sold or 30 million Xbox's?

Big Business is, well, big business.

PS. typed on a Mac DP G5 thats 5 years old and is still worth $750.

iDystopia3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

"PS3 to be dominant in 3 - 5 years"

If you don't find that funny.....

You really are a big fat Sony D to the Roid.


Earth to Mr. Reeves: Xbox 360 is already about to be 4 years old. XD

iDystopia3513d ago

lol @ the picture.

It looks like Mr. Reeves is trying to auction it off.

Pleaseeeee buyyyyy PS3!!!!

FamilyGuy3513d ago

I say, maybe 2 years to 2 years and 6 months.

Rhythmattic3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

Yeh your right.

The 360 is 4 years old, but the hardware tech is WAY older.......

Still, it doesn't come down to that, it comes down to games, and the 360 has some beauties.

OT. why do people forget the 360 had a 12 month headstart in the USA/Japan regions and a 18 month headstart in the PAL regions where incredibly the PS3 has OUTSOLD the 360?

man... all this bickering.......... F it.

Lfmesquite3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

I've said it all along. The only way PS3 is gonna beat 360 is if it has more lasting power.

Also remember the 360 has been on a the market a year longer than PS3, so it makes sense that the PS3 will be on the market at least a year after 360 is gone.

We'll probably get a new XBOX in about 2 years. So if PS3 passes it in 3 years, It's still a victory.

soxfan20053513d ago

@1.19 -

"How many times do Xbox fanboys need to be reminded that PS3 is selling better than the 360 did"

If you are referring to the PS3's first two years vs. the 360's first two years, then you are right - PS3 did sell more in that specific time frame. That arguement is very flawed, however, because the 360's best sales have been in it's most recent year, a timeframe ignored by that arguement.

I don't live in 2005, 2006, or 2007 anymore - maybe you do. Let's look at what has happened since:

In 2008, both consoles sold about 10.5 million. So, If PS3 was ahead in 2007, 360 must have had more growth in 2008 to pull even.

In 2009, 360 outsells PS3 consistently, is up 25% year over year, and shows NO signs of declining sales.

If you want to keep living in the past - go right ahead. In the present, 360 is consistently the sales leader. And when it comes to hardware, sales DO matter. More consoles=more potential profit for developers=more games to choose from.

cliffbo3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

you may have missed that the lifespan of Sony consoles is ten years... i don't recall there being any proof and i'm sure Sony have never mentioned it. just thought i'd remind people. the sprinter is about to drop out of the marathon and claim a victory and all of the 360 fans are going to believe it lol

and this isn't Sony the way. remember that too

soxfan20053513d ago


Interesting analogy. However, if a new race starts while the first is only 60% complete, will anyone even care who ends up winning the first race, or will most attention have shifted to the second race?

FlameBaitGod3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

The PS3 wasn't around in 2005 so ? the PS3 was released on November 2006 making it November 2008 being 2 years so we have to wait and see how much PS3 sells until November 2009 to make a statement. You say keep leaving in the past ? its been 5 months since the PS3 was out 2 more years, so i dk what you are talking about, i have a hard time where do u get ur info, pretty sure ur not looking at NPD data so where r u getting ur info from ?

pain777pas3513d ago

I think this was a sober statement and I would say that he is about right. I think that in 2 years they will be neck and neck with the WII. Enjoy your retirement Mr Reeves.

soxfan20053513d ago

I was referring to the 360's first two years (starting in 2005) compared to the PS3's first two years (starting in 2006). The 10.5 million was reported by each company a couple months ago - it was a BIG deal on these pages when the numbers came out. Sony fans were excited when it was reported that the 360 didn't outsell the PS3 in 2008. Also, you can look at NPD or VGChartz to see 2009's numbers, and how they compare to 2008's first three months.

XxZxX3513d ago

Sony is setting themselves up as higher quality more expensive Game console. Even through tough time, they strongly declined to price cut, just to make the brand image higher quality hence more expensive. When it really price cut, it will have stronger effect than HD-DVD's "firesale". That's what David Reese referring to. Right now it's looking really good because PS3 to consumers are more expensive because it's higher quality and blu-ray. A price cut in the right time, will open the flood gates, so Omega4, dont laugh too early.


So all of a sudden YOUR CONSOLE of choice calls it QUIT, cuz its getting owned left and right with real EXCLUSIVES and graphics that makes greenturd drool....and this is good? LOL i guess its better to admit defeat than to the accustomed rrod?LOL

Gotta love m$ strategy though: "enter market at 33% hw failure rate, have console on market for 4-5 years, throw in 3 exclusives and call it quits when better current gen hardware starts outperforming your greenbox."

With a strategy like that, any simpleminded fool would think they are getting a good bargain, i mean they are already paying for servers, added features and coffins....and thats ok.

by these news coming now, what does that say about next gen?

the ps3 will be in full force, while the 720 will just be starting.
It will be interesting to see how 720 titles will compare to ps3 exclusives. Im guessing they will be relatively close in comparison judging by m$ "copy and paste" technique.

In the wide spectrum of things, i am not surprised by these business practices. All we need to look at is the vista/w7 scenario.....
rehash with features copied from tigerOS.

godofthunder103513d ago

This is just another stupid article.Sony been saying the same thing since year 1.I'm tired of hearing ps3 fanboys crying and saying the reason the ps3 isn't selling because of the economy.The fact is that the 360 was still outselling the ps3 before the econoy collaps.I'm also tired of hearing ps3 fanboys crying and saying that people are just buying the 360 because it's a lot cheaper then the ps3 and if they were the same price the ps3 will outsell the 360.The fact is that they still have people buying the $400 360 instead of the $400 ps3.Ps3 fanboys are still crying and saying that the ps3 grapic are better then the 360s(who gives a f*ck).I'll play a super nintendo game before i play some games on the new systems,hell graphics are not the main thing people look at.On top of that you can't even tell the difference between the graphic on the damn ps3 and 360.The people that keep crying and saying this are just ps3 fanboys.They act like it's a big deal if a game on the ps3 have 1 more raindrop then the ps3.The fact is that it's only ps3 fanboys that look out for stupid sh*t like that.Some ps3 fanboys are claiming that the ps3 have more exclusives then the 360 and it isn't true.the fact is that the 360 have more.On top of that the 360 have just as many exclusives coming out this year as the ps3.In other words ps3 fanboys need to say the truth instead of lieing just so they can make the ps3 look better.Ps3 fanboys claim that the ps3 has a whole bunch of great games.I don't see how because if it did they would play the ps3 instead of getting on the net to trash the 360 so they can make the ps3 look's childish and pathetic when they act like that and they are pittifull American still buying forign products when it's hurting american companies and workers.If they love sony enough to hurt America then they need to get the hell out

I'm also tired of hearing them claim that the ps3 is the best system.The fact is that it might be true for them.On the other hand they have more 360 owners that disagree.The fact is this because they have games that a person like on the ps3 other people might hate the game.I'll admitt i liked r1 &2 and kz a little.On the other hand i hate mgs4 hell i hate the whole mg series.Then they have's just a stupid child game that ps3 fanboys act like it was the greatest game ever made.The fact is that if the same game was on the 360 they would say it sux and it's a fact.

Their isn't 1 reason that a ps3 fanboy could think of why someone should buy the ps3 over the 360 when it comes to just games.I'm not talking about br or anything else just games.Like i said before this gen doesn't need br for games and that's a fact.Out of over 300 games they had less then 10 games that needed more then 1 disc.Ps3 fanboys are always fussing about it.I guess they are to lazy to change disc.I forgot if sony does it it alright just as long as no one else does it.

In other words the ps3 and 360 are great systems but the ps3 isn't for everyone and the 360 isn't for every one.Just because ps3 fanboys jump up and down then get on their knees and pray to the ps3 doesn't mean every one else does.hell i have a 360 and i wouldn't trade it for the ps3 for anything.

DaTruth3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

Those games don't have staying power, they're just no other games to play on the 360 so they went back to them! I wish I could go back to older PS3 games, but PS3 has too many new exclusives!

@XXzXX: Sony are setting themselves up as a higher quality console, but next gen when MS is trying to recoup losses from developing a new console with new tech, Sony's Cell and the XDR ram will all be cheap, Sony will also likely have a Cell based GPU, so Sony will already have recouped they're losses from PS3 and have a low priced PS4 that is pure profit for the next gen.

More power is just another Cell away!!!

Jaces3513d ago

I'd rather have a system with better games rather than one that's "dominant" with a one or two AAA gems and mediocre 1st party titles.

But that's just me.

slayorofgods3513d ago

starting another console in 3-5 years would be nothing short of stupid for a couple of reasons.

1. The success of the Wii - Like it or not the Wii is a last generation system and comparable to the PS2. Because it has dominated in sales, higher graphics really aren't in demand.

2. Cost versus profits - game developers aren't going to want to spend even more money on making games that are less in demand.

3. CPU processors - CPU processors are going through an experimental faze and may stay at the current speeds of up 3.6 Ghz which is already close to both the PS3 and 360. Right now CPU developers are experimenting with the amount of processors they can fit in a CPU and Hyper Threading technology which is leading the CPU in an uncertain direction.

BWS19823513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

the leap in logic from "sales catching up" to "Sony admitting defeat"....sales are but one attribute to a console's identity, and if you don't believe that, say hi to the top selling and "best console," the Nintendo Wii. Apparently Microsoft lost to Nintendo with that line of thinking.

On another note, also say hello to the Ford Focus, which is a superior car to a Mercedes Benz, because sales trumps all.

Do you get it yet? How long will it take?

This is not to say a Benz is a PS3 and the 360 is sh*t, it is to make an analogy about "superiority" your d*mn games already.

poopface13513d ago

I dont think that many more people will want a ps3 in 3-5 years than want one now. In 3-5 years the ps3s game will look like crap. There will definatly be a new xbox and a new wii by then. The ps3 is not ps2. So I guess when the new xbox and new wii come out sony will say that they compete with the ps3, and that the ps3 has a greater install bases than the next-gen systems so sony wins? Give me a break.

Mini Mario3513d ago

This is where Mr Burns would say

- "release the hounds"

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Why dis3514d ago (Edited 3514d ago )

At least they're giving themselves bigger windows pushing these supposed turn arounds back even further each time they say this.

They sense or know some of MSFT's E3 and are facing their own offerings.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3513d ago

So, are they in "fear"? Do they "sense" a "storm" coming? Every time you say something you make me laugh, so bubbles for you.

Anyway, I doubt Sony ever thought that Microsoft had nothing to offer this year. Only fanboys did. But of course, it's getting increasingly harder for Microsoft to maintain those "exclusives" which aren't really exclusives. It happened with Bioshock and Ninja Gaiden, I doubt it won't with Mass Effect and Lost Planet. I wouldn't be surprised if Splinter Cell 5 also came out on PS3 though for some reason I think Microsoft has that one held pretty tight to their chest.

Have fun with Forza 3, Halo ODST, Alan Wait and another Rare flop. :)

Grandizer3513d ago

Yep, Sony must know whats coming at E3 and they are peeing their pants.

My guess is that it comes from either Nintendo or a whole other - yet unannounced - player not necessarily Microsoft.

A Wii price cut from 280 to 180 would be a leg cut for Sony, and, at this point we all know Nintendo could afford it - we also know they still outsell at current price though.

A new, casual oriented console or hand held could slash their dreams too. The hard guess is who could enter market now. HP, IBM, Dell, Apple, Activision, Fox, WB, AMD, Nokia, Asus... they all have the tools and/or talent and/or ressources to enter the market.
AMD and Nokia are maybe more cash strapped, but they both are close to a gaming console with their current products.

Halo3 MLG Pro3514d ago

In 2012 we will all be dead so I guess the ps3 has no chance of catching up! :D

Foxgod3514d ago (Edited 3514d ago )

Not all of us, just the corrupt and wicked.
Thats about 85 % of human population, thank god i always chose to be a saint.
I may be boring, but at least i will be able to play on the next gen consoles.

Halo3 MLG Pro3514d ago

Nothing to do with Religion. It's scientifically proven that on Dec. 12, 2012, the Earth will be in the middle of the Sun and the Milky Way possibly causing a drastic shift on our axis. It has also been predicted that it's possible for Earth to completely be thrown off its orbital cycle around the Sun. Possibly being pulled away from the Sun causing the Earth to freeze or even go towards the Sun and you can just imagine how that is just going to suck.

II Necroplasm II3514d ago

Earth will end up like Mars. Mars was like earth ages ago.

Foxgod3514d ago

Well, thats not what is predicted by Nostradamus, religion etch.
They predict that human society will end, and not humanity itself.
Basically the world will be playing live action GTA for a whole year, after that our sanity will return, and there will be 1000 years of peace.

The current events in the world, financial crisis, spreading diseases, wars, terrorism, etch.
Are a running up to 2012, its gonna get worse the coming years, with 2012 being the worst, according to Nostradamus and religion.

But hey, dont be scared, its not too late yet to change, be a saint, be boring! :)
I myself am the most boring person i know.

II Necroplasm II3514d ago

teh 40 days and 40 nights in a boat

LightofDarkness3514d ago (Edited 3514d ago )

Absolute rubbish my friend. You saw this on the History Channel, right?

It's BS. The actual date for this supposed "event" is 21/12/12, but because 12/12/12 has numerological implications (and looks cooler) people have begun focusing their doomsday prophecies towards it. Anyone remember 6/6/06? Weren't we all supposed to perish then too?

The alignment is not perfect, and it never is. This is a regular occurrence in our galaxy, but the alignment is off by 5 degrees. The earth's magnetic poles will not suddenly "flip". The poles do reverse over time but it takes 1000s of years. In fact, they're migrating right now. Has the sky fallen yet?

EDIT: after a little more research on the topic, I came up with this: "There is no scientist anywhere, who makes this prediction. Anyone claiming expertise and making such a prediction is a fraud. The History Channel knows this, but they don't care. All they are interested in is the size of their audience." Can we ignore this one now?

HDGamer: Research yourself. It's commonly accepted now that the original number was 616 not 666. Even though it's not as cool, it's the earliest version of it recorded and thus is believed to be the most accurate. Furthermore, the number 666 directly refers to A man, not man in general, that man being the anti-christ. Jehovah's Witnesses believe roughly what you've said. There are many interpretations in reality, you can't call a single one the "best."

HDgamer3514d ago

I got to ask since some of you don't know what 666 is. How can you perish on the year 2006? That's not 666, thats 06062006. Furthermore 666 is the mark of the beast meaning the number of man. Research.

II Necroplasm II3513d ago

The beast is not Satan the beast is the Roman Empire, even hardcore christians don't even truly know their own beliefs lol

LightofDarkness3513d ago

No one said the beast was Satan. Reading comprehension is vital.

And Jehovah's Witnesses believe that the number refers to governments as the beast. Some scholars believe 666 refers to the Emperor Nero (not the Empire) while 616 refers to Caligula. There are a dozen interpretations of it and no one can say who's more right than the others. Sounds like non-hardcore christians know even less.

BTW, I'm not even Christian, or religious at all. But I've done my homework.

kingOVsticks3513d ago

There is no galactic alignment occurring in 2012. It takes 36 years to precess through galactic equator, and we will be 6 degrees off in 2012. Even if we did have an alignment, it would have no effect on us. The vast distances involved outweigh the effects of gravity. So we will be playing games in 2012,unless we die before then from some random disease,nuclear attack etc.

on topic

Im not surprised with the statement, the PS3 was 600 dollars and had little to no good games in the beginning. Its now 400 bucks with exceptional games but its still a expensive console and the average consumer can't see the differences (gameplay wise) between it and the 360. IMO sony didn't make enough of a effort to educate the consumer of the capabilities and features of the PS3. None the less the PS3 will have the most diverse library out of the 3 next gen consoles by a long shot.