NetEase Counts Down to Starcraft II Beta? reports that NetEase, the Blizzard-appointed distributor of StarCraft 2, Diablo 3 and WoW in China are holding a countdown for some game with graphics very similar to Blizzards.

Combined with Blizzard representatives in China engaging the Chinese fansite community in the last week, it seems likely to be a countdown for the Chinese StarCraft 2 beta. There's currently no official information when the Beta might start in the West.

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Wuushu3512d ago

Wooohoooo, it's getting closer!

thetamer3512d ago

Hmm, I don't know if Blizzard would have let China of places know first if I'm being honest...

Recka3512d ago

well why not? Starcraft is played alot among the Asian community so why not release there first? Don't get me wrong I could be WAY off about it being the date... I hope it is but

Leord3512d ago

Considering that StarCraft 2 most likely will make the most money in China, it's likely.

I mean, even if a much lower percentage of gamers in china plays than anywhere else, the amount of games sold/subscribed to will still be a LOT higher.

Fyzzu3512d ago

Really doubt this is the beta. I'd love to be wrong, though.

Leord3512d ago

I wouldn't say I didn't have my doubts, that's for sure.

Dorjan3512d ago

China know and we don't! How unfair! :(

Leord3512d ago

The graphics are very similar to the ones on WWI, that has to be said...

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