Fable II: See the Future available on 12th May

Lionhead announced this morning that the second DLC for Fable II, See the Future will be released on 12th May on Xbox Live for 560 MS Points for the premium content package.

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JamieReleases3518d ago

Looking forward to seeing what this DLC offers, along with the addition of more dogs.

Sangria3518d ago

If it gives new clothes, i may buy it then. The first Fable had great armors and it was a pleasure to go to shops and buy a bit everything, but Fable 2 cruelly lacks of armors or badass clothes.

BasilMarceaux3518d ago

I was massively let down by this game. I'm not sure why, I just felt like it was missing something the whole time I played it.

Anon19743518d ago

I enjoyed Fable 2 quite a bit but towards the end it started to get pretty repetitive. Unless they added more spells or changed up the combat or something I was never going to buy any of these DLC anyway. I traded in Fable 2 shortly after finishing it the first time.

KingME3518d ago

Can't get enought of it. Even after beating the main quest, I am still enjoying completing the side quests. I am looking forward to this DLC. I don't think I've been taken by any game to this point as much as I have fable 2. Great job Lionhead.

BasilMarceaux3517d ago

I mean, I enjoyed it. But it didn't hook me like FO3, oblivion, or even mass-effect did.

It was a well made game, but something about it felt last-gen. I can definitely understand how someone could either love it or think it blows.

itani3518d ago

Play Fable 2 if you want a game with many useless items.

kevinberger3518d ago

Great critique of the game. Did you use your 8th grade education to make that assessment? If you are going to make asinine comments, either keep it to yourself or back it up. The game is great and one of the better games to come along. I collected little to nothing in the game and still got over 20 hours out of it....

Tykis3518d ago

Fable 2 sucks, Seriously peter molyneux knows how to use his words very well. Before anyone ask yes I do have a 360 and yes I have Fable 2.

KingME3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

That's funny, a guy saying fable2 sucks while having drake as his avatar. Yeah, people are really going to take you seriously. Sounds like another hater to me.

btw, I don't think you own a 360 or fable 2 for even a second.

kevinberger3517d ago

Wow. You should review games for a living! I apologize (kind of) for the sarcasm, but come on....Fable II is an excellent game. Everyone is entitled to opinion, but to just say it sucks is quite juvenile. Disappointing I could understand as games rarely live up to the hype, but Fable II does a lot right and sucks one into the world, which few games rarely do (Fallout, Uncharted and Dead Space are three others that do an excellent job)

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The story is too old to be commented.