IncGamers: Brütal Legend Preview

IncGamers' Tim McDonald has a look at Brütal Legend.

"It's a simple idea. Eddie Riggs, the greatest living roadie, is working for the worst band of all time. He's injured in an accident on stage, which causes blood to drip into his belt buckle, which, as you'd expect, turns out to be a rather ancient artefact. A demon is summoned, but the audience, cheering, think it's all part of the show. The demon decapitates the band, and the crowd cheer louder. The demon screams, and Eddie is pulled back in time to the age of metal, and wakes up in a strange temple."

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thetamer3517d ago

Awesome preview, and some good lines from the man himself.

Leord3517d ago

That's one cool intro :)

TheMART3517d ago

Me want. Lets hope its not delayed again. It was going to be released Fall 2008, now Fall 2009...