Man Fatally Stabbed After Fight Breaks Out Over Alleged Videogame Cheating

Roger Burks, aged 20, from Baltimore, has been sentenced to six and a half years in jail for the voluntary manslaughter of Irvin Conley, aged 24.

The fatal stabbing occurred at a family barbecue, where a fight broke out over allegations that a man had cheated at a PlayStation videogame.

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Fighter3513d ago

It mentions that the accused has the intelligence of a middle schooler and he suffers from behavioral disorders so video games are not really to be blamed but Fox news will be all over this one.

Tachyon_Nova3513d ago

It's got to be a PlayStation game. But I agree with Fighter, it almost certainly is the result of his behavour problems.

360Hater3513d ago

Stupid kids... Have fun in jail i dont think they have Ps3's. They do have bend over and touch your knees part 1 2 and 3

Slinger4203513d ago

Sounds like a bunch of redneck hicks to me, just bad genes and low IQ's.

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