UGO: Madden NFL 10 Preview

Aside from standard graphical improvements, a new menu, multi-player tackles, scrums during a fumble replete with QTEs and, yes, a possible online browser-based component stood out. Details were limited about this final piece of info to Madden 10, but, Phil Frazier, a Senior Producer at EA, acknowledged the intent to include some sort of online element to interact with when not at a console. Frazier also expressed a desire to push that element on to devices like the iPhone, but declined to comment further.

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Why dis3515d ago

"Aside from standard graphical improvements"

Thats some kind of standard! the art direction looks different.

IMO this game has a much more mature color palette/art direction.

Saint_Jonny3515d ago

this is gunna be a great addition to the madden series XD