New Savage Moon DLC landing in June

The popular tower defence game Savage Moon will receive an add-on pack in June. The first add-on pack Waldgeist promises to boost the game's features with six new, unique levels, complete with new insect enemies, towers, alien vegetation and a new final mission.

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redsquad3455d ago

Blimey, I can't even get past the third level of the second Moon (I never said I was a 'good' gamer, just that I've been doing it a long time!).

Still, what I can play is a lot of fun (especially VENGEANCE mode), so more goodies are always welcome.

Dipso3455d ago

Excellent news..although I've been stuck on the last level for a while now. Really great game when you've made the right the decisions and the money starts rolling in for the serious tech, carnage.

Baba19063455d ago

awesome cant wait to get more lvls. its really hard but its doable. one of the most important toewers is the Powerup tower without that its much more dificult.

Dark_Overlord3455d ago

Been waiting for this since the game released, hopefully it increases the difficulty as there were only 2 levels in the game that required me to play more than once (Janiniki you b*tch) and I got all the trophies in 1 playthrough, as it was too easy.

Murffy3445d ago

I t was hard enough before update 2.0, It is murder now!
I'm hoping for dificulty levels. That way everyone gets what they want.