Shaun White Sells Three Million, Sequel Teased

In a post-earnings conference call with investors, UbiSoft offered more detail as to how well Shaun White Snowboarding is performing in the market.

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onijutsu3516d ago

this should be a hint to ea to just realease an SSX GAME ALREADY

at e3 you better or else i am going to continue not buying your games...

i want to give you money but you just won't let me ea, WHY?
why won't you let me give you money?

kesvalk3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

man, this is tragic isn't it?

on-topic: 3kk (too much Ragnarok Online -_-)? very good, i wonder why sports games sell so much more...

might give this game a chance...
and still waiting virtua tennis...

creeping judas3516d ago

3 million copies?? WOW, that's amazing for such a crappy game!!!

The last great snowboarding games were amped and SSX

peeps3516d ago

was thinking the same. it gets average reviews and yet sells 3 mil! lol

Christopher3516d ago

But it sold so well primarily because it was bundled with the Wii and it was better for most people to watch what looks like a somewhat mature game rather than the usual Miis looking goofy as you do various sports.

I think there is a big desire for many teenagers on the Wii to feel like they're not playing a game meant for kids under the age of 10, so new games with improved graphics with a more mature, but not too mature, feel will likely sell well enough on that alone.

SpoonyRedMage3516d ago

I think you may be right cgoodno and I think that's why Red Steel 2 might be a success, it's a more mature title that a teenager can actually buy.

N4g_null3516d ago

Man people really liked this game huh? 3 million snow boarding fans and I wonder what age they are? The Wii is starting to turn into the snes very slowly it seems. Better yet the NES because the graphics boost will come in the next system.

Has killzone 2 sold 3 million yet? Just had to ask sorry. I mean I'm just wondering why a game like killzone 2 did do that once it came out? There is nothing but hardcore gamers on the PS3 right? Hey at least you guys got a spec flexing game.

VaTechfan903516d ago

"Has killzone 2 sold 3 million yet?"

Was Killzone 2 released on 6 different consoles? I bet if Killzone 2 was released on 6 different consoles it would have sold well over 3 million

manwich253516d ago

Shaun, How does it feel to sell out to Target???

spunnups3516d ago

I bought the game despite the low scores. But there's so much wrong with it, even though it can be fun. The fact that it sold so much doesn't surprise me, people will buy anything with Shaun White on it.

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