GameDaily: Even More Reviews from the Future

With gamers tightening their wallets, GameDaily decided to dig out their crystal ball to predict the review futures of the year's biggest games, from Heavy Rain to Halo 3: ODST. Sure, they could be dead wrong, but they might just save you $60.

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panasonic233487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

hey guys while yall at it can yall use yall time machine to travel to January 1, 2010 i want to know is the ps3rd is still 3rd in place.

Rock Bottom3487d ago

Punch-Out: 8
Heavy Rain:7
Terminator Salvation:6
Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings:5
Halo 3: ODST:7
BioShock 2:8
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves:9
The Conduit:8 (I'm not a halo fan, but, higher than halo?!!)

Abash3487d ago

Those scores are entirely possible.

mastiffchild3487d ago

Only clicked the link to see if the truly awful GD had made it possible to read one of their "features" without clicking a million times to do so(every other sentence then).

And they haven't. So I didn't. Is there really so little to write about that they have to do these al the time? What happens when it's real review time? Are these the only people on the planet who have managed to get their employer to pay them twice for the same effing thing?

How this site survives will always remain a mystery to me. Why can't we have a decent length page? Is our collective concentration span so bitesize that as gamers we need information broken down so ludicrously? Why am I asking all these questions? I don't even want an answer, gah!

BTW I can also imagine ODST not gettng the usual Halo scores this year but it'll prolly be as good as the last one and I'm quite happy, myself, not to play as MC in a Halo FPS. I think that many people will see it(in the press/media at least) as more of a glorified and overpticed expansion rather than a game in it's own right. I hope there's a few new elements to the gameplay as well(time for it really, imo)but, and I'll buy it regardless(as wth ODST), if The Conduit scores 8/10 many places I'll be really impressed.

Thanx for the "scores" RB.