The 10 Sexiest WoW Characters of All Time

The average WoW player spends 12 hours a week raiding, questing, grinding or griefing. If you're a lonely wanderer looking for a thrill, you'll most likely run across these hotties in the dozens of hours you spend playing, ya know, if you're into that kind of thing.

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onijutsu3514d ago

this reminds me of that video where a guy is
caught jacking off to a female night elf on wow...

sad people

hay3514d ago

Hah, yeah, I've seen it. This article leads to it...

Gun_Senshi3514d ago

Words cannot describ the sympton of wowtardness

vhero3514d ago

how does stuff like this get approved?

Bonsai12143514d ago

at least they got Tyrande in there. she's number 2. she's the reason i started playing night elf in WC3.. haha.