Man Buys $2000 MacBook Brick

From Well here we go again; less than a week after a boy received a DS box with rocks in it, a similar incident has happened to someone buying a MacBook Pro at Best Buy. This time however, instead of finding rocks, the buyer received a nice red brick. Hit the link to read more.

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Bnet3433487d ago

It's a matter of time before someone gets a turd instead of a PSP now.

*kid shakes PSP box*

"Mommy, I think my PSP melted .... and it smells funny too"

*mom opens PSP box*



IdleLeeSiuLung3487d ago

I call BS on this one. Big ticket items are always inspected before a return is approved....

vhero3487d ago

Me too plus the weight of that brick is wayyyy more than any laptop nobody would be that stupid once they feel the weight. This is complete BS.

jadenkorri3487d ago

ive gone with many friends to buy labtops, everytime the store opened the box... noways someone gonna get away with that...

FragMnTagM3487d ago

Turns out apple's computers are not reliable, and can brick before you even buy it, lol.

FragMnTagM3486d ago

It was sarcasm. Wasn't offending anything.

TheDude2dot03486d ago

In order for the N4G peoples to understand sarcasm, you have to put /sarcasm at the end of your posts. You could talk about how your uncle is Barack Obama and people would argue about how it isn't true.

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panasonic233487d ago

damn did he get a white brick he can sell it for at least 25k .

LukaX233487d ago

I think this is becoming more of a trend than real news. Not that reading about rocks in boxes ever was real news...

onijutsu3487d ago

remember that time a person bought a used ps2, and it turns out he bought a wooden model of a ps2.
teh lolz

what about that kid who bought a ps3 and instead got a phone book.

PSP23487d ago

i think getting a turd is better than getting a zune what do you think

Frnicatr3487d ago

I'd cherish that turd more than I would a brand new Zune.

FragMnTagM3487d ago

The Zune is actually a great player, and it has more features than the iPod. I would take the Zune anyday, just because of the Zune's software being a lot easier to use. You have no idea how many times I have had uninstall and reinstall, format, and update iPod's so that their dumb software could recognize them.

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The story is too old to be commented.