Twitter - Best New Source For Gaming News?


"It seems that over the past few weeks Twitter has been source to updates via mobile, tweetdeck, Web and other methods from various gaming developers, PR people and such. Early news and information regarding patches, announcements, etc. have been all announced either definitely or vaguely on Twitter.

This seems to be becoming the main source for many sites reporting news for the various platforms.

But is it a good thing?

Do gamers really want a brief dumbed-down vague sentence or two instead of detailed information and analysis now?

Is our attention span really that pathetically low?"

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gaminoz3513d ago

Twitter as source of reliable info...hmm.

I'd much rather read an article with details or something to say about a game or gaming than some short line that is there just to catch interest and has nothing much of substance behind it.

Good read.

Superfragilistic3513d ago

Maybe this new N4G filter should implement a minimum word limit, or maybe admin/users should adhere to the already established guidelines! lol

allegionary3513d ago


They probably don't have the manpower...but yeah they should shut down those twitter rehashes.

XboxOZ3603513d ago

Originally these things start out as excellent ideas - until they become abused so they no longer are viable for anything.

It's a shame really.

Superfragilistic3513d ago

I think twitter is viable... it's just that nobody has worked out what for yet... just like Google Maps, Facebook and MySpace before it.

I think twitter is a valid news source if its from a developer/publisher, but there needs to be some form of journalistic effort in not just reporting, but analysing the news and its possible consequences, rather than the 100 word stories the article mentions that just state what the twitter feed did.

Godem3513d ago

oh yes i hate the one paragraph stories...

But... i have NEVER used Twitter, i dont even quite get what it is? But i like my current internet surfing routine and I think ill keep it that was as long as possible.

allegionary3513d ago

I'm with you....sometimes they just come up with stuff and you wonder just how usefull it is...

GrathiusXR3513d ago

Like Super has said twitter is a viable source for gaming news except as stated in the article more effort has to be added into reporting the news..

Rather than 4 sentences just pretty much stating what the Twitter update states...

It's just the lazy way out in my opinion...

butterfinger3513d ago

Geoff Keighley, fourzerotwo, David Jaffe, Capcom, EA, and Playstation to find out cool information. Geoff Keighley is actually pretty good about getting out some hints or time frames for big announcements.

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