Tekken 6 Console version Gameplay

Check out a few matches in the home version of the next Tekken game.

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Godmars2903151d ago

Can someone please explain why its taken so long for this game to get a console port?

PirateThom3151d ago (Edited 3151d ago )

Because porting from the PS3 arcade hardware to the PS3 home console is a monumental task... oh wait, no it's not, as they're the same.

FamilyGuy3151d ago (Edited 3151d ago )

needs better collision detection.
Just saying, i wish the hits were more "rag doll" like. You hit my foot so my foot moves and whatnot.

We're waitin on the 360 port as the arcade models are basically housing a PS3.

coolfool3151d ago

I wash just thinking the same thing. This movements still look like the movements on PS2 tekkens. I was expecting better movement for this gen.... maybe it's a lot harder to do than I think?

Doppy3151d ago

The overall game looks so much better now. Graphics, speed, gameplay all look better finally.

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M_Prime3151d ago

picking it up used^^

i mean day 4^^

Isis063151d ago (Edited 3151d ago )

I'll pass, Tekken 5 on my hard drive will do just fine for now.
Would have bought it last year but I got tiered of waiting.

INehalemEXI3151d ago (Edited 3151d ago )

Indeed, unless I happen to be broke it's probably going to release at the same time as 5 other great games. Still day 1 , Indeed :D priority's...

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Halo3 MLG Pro3151d ago

Looks like this game still has the same easy cheap combos and juggles. I always said this fighter was for beginners.

Gue13151d ago (Edited 3151d ago )

These Major League Gaming people are really making me pretty irritated... They are taking over JTV with their boring Halo matches and they are so "c o c k y" that the only thing I can think of is punching them in the face. But the MLG girls are the worst of the worst, then they as why males don't take them seriously.

And why the heck I can't write "c o c k y"? This is not a freaking bad word!

"Your comments contains 1 words that are not allowed
The word is not allowed: c o c k"

bomboclaat_gamer3151d ago

play real sports. gaming is not a sport u fat turd

Abash3151d ago

The PS3 version in the vid?

Gue13151d ago (Edited 3151d ago )

The game's build in an arcade board based on the PS3 hardware...

onijutsu3151d ago

the graphics have sort of been high definitionized but what i think is really good are the animations, they look a lot better more motion to them, they look like they pack more of a punch to me.

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The story is too old to be commented.