What Online Games Seem to Lack

In a desire to appeal to more gamers, either casual or hardcore, gaming companies seem to be focusing on either the ease of picking up a game (for the casual players) or the magnitude and use of online play (for the hardcore gamers). Something I've begun to notice for many of the games, especially those that put a large emphasis on online gaming, is that they are lacking in storylines.

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patterson3486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

I agree with this article. IMO online multiplayer is one of the best and worst thing to happen to gaming. Dev's have pretty much abandoned the single player aspect, which sucks. No effort for story or character development or musical scores, favoring sandbox build your own adventures.

Online multiplayer is fun to,o don't get me wrong, but when every game has this pressure of requiring the online aspect, I feel it forces devs to sacrifice the core game in some cases. Online isn't always needed.

Start with a good game first.