TGC 2009: The Cinematics of Gears of War 2

At TGC 2009, The Escapist got a look behind the scenes at how Epic's cinematic design philosophy changed from Gears of War to Gears of War 2. (Hint: Hiring professional actors to do motion capture works really well.)

When the time came for the Epic team to begin work on Gears of War 2, they had one guideline to follow: "Bigger, Better, More Badass" - sure, it sounds like an advertising tagline, but the game's Senior Associate Producer, Tanya Jensen, said that rather, it was a theme that Epic tried to stick to internally. With a goal of shipping Gears 2 two years after completing the first game - but still improving on all fronts - the company was asking itself to do more, in less time, with the same amount of people. This conundrum was shared across all fields of production, but particularly concerning Epic's cinematics team.

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