Lost Planet 2 Lets You Spank Your Own Custom Ass

In Lost Planet 2 there is no main character, instead you are the main character, one that can be customized and made to spank him or herself in a square studded helmet and chain-framed bikini.

"We prepared a very detailed customization system that will allow you to create your own character," said Capcom's Jun Takeuchi. "So you can create your own character and put it together in the game and you yourself become the main character of the game."

Lost Planet 2 allows you to select your character's head model, body model, back pack and legs. You can also make the character a man or a woman.

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hitthegspot3487d ago

I always wanted to spank my own ass and see myself doing it...

hitthegspot3487d ago

Who doesn't want to see that?

Why dis3487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

Lost Planet Tech is so strange yet so hot! WTF is that on the guy in the pic's back and what does it do besides look cool? LMAO

Truly Japanese of course with some western grounded elements.

Love the character design though or just the design over all.