GameSpot: Katamari Forever First Look

GameSpot writes: "By the looks of things, Katamari Forever's new gameplay ideas are still true to the original's addictive philosophy of simply rolling the Katamari ball around and seeing what happens. Judging from what we saw of a movie shown of the game during the Namco presentation, the game will also have a huge scale; the Prince will eventually be rolling up skyscrapers, continents, and seemingly entire planets in his quest to appease the King of All Cosmos. Katamari Forever will feature more than 30 levels to play, along with a remixed music score (featuring familiar tunes from previous games in the series) and high-definition visuals that really pop thanks to the game's vivid color palette. Look for more on Katamari Forever in the coming months".

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tocrazed4you3488d ago

PS3/PSN exclusives left and right

slave2Dcontroller3488d ago

My head is burning from PS fever. So many cool as games here and so many more coming down the pipeline.

Katamari has some of the best game music around. Looking forward to this.