FFIV: The After Years English Website Goes Live

Square Enix just opened the official English website for Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. Prolouge, Tales, Characters, and Features sections were revealed so far.

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Tr10wn3489d ago

wow i have to get a WII for this i loved FF2 that means they will make a sequel to ever major FF games? so maybe FF3 and FF7 will get a sequel too? if that so get ready square days are coming back.

Argento-Nox3489d ago

Ahh...what? This article is talking about a sequel to FFIV, not FFII.

I'm interested to see if this does as poorly as the recent FF Chronicles: echoes of time game on the Wii. SE might want to do a DS version of this game like they did with Echoes of time.

SpoonyRedMage3489d ago

Well It's a Wiiware game, which in my opinion Echoes of Time should have been(although it probably would have been over the limit) because it looks rubbish for a Wii-game but on the DS it's fantastic and it's done a lot better on the DS.

I do agree though, they should release it on the DSiware as well.

PS360WII3489d ago

Yes FF2 is a premier game and one of my favs of the series so I've very happy the sequel to it is finally coming over here!

Argento-Nox welcome to the confusing tale of SE and Japan Only Final Fantasies.... Outside of Japan the only FF games that came out were FF, FFIV, and FFVI. So not to mess with our heads at the time they called them FF, FFII, and FFIII...

Seferoth753489d ago

Not 100% sure on this but I had always thought that FF3-6 were our 1-4 in the US. Square even stated they would release the 4 US games as is ofr the Virtual console. it is odd though how we know of FF4 as 2 over here and yet they are calling it a sequel to 4 which is actually 6 over there so its not really a sequel to a game we all know. 1 and 2 in the US were great games, just a shame some people will miss out because they might not know its actually a sequel to 2 in the US.

Argento-Nox3489d ago


Ah, now I understand what your saying, that's right FFII on the NES in N.A is FFIV in Japan, while FFIII on the SNES was FFVI on the Famicon in Japan. It was too late at night when I posted *(@[email protected])*.


I think what the Wii should have done for Echoes of Times was have 2 versions of the NDS version; one with just the NDS game and a 2nd higher priced limited version with the NDS game and a redeemable coupon for a Wiiware version of the game.

I'm not holding my breath on FFIV the after years, even if it's continuing from such great lineage (I have FFIV for the GBA and the NDS remake). If SE has some sense with the portable gaming trend dominating in Japan, they'd be smart to consider a downloadable version for Wiiware and one for the touted DSi game download ability.

I'm also not surprised that SE is ignoring mobile phone games either, as FF Agito for the PSP was originally slated as a phone game.

SpoonyRedMage3489d ago

Well either way a Wiiware version of the game would have been better than a full retail release because the whole point in the game was cross-platform play so it would have lots of issues if they continually up-and down-scaled the game between DS and Wii.

Well they already have a whole bunch of DS games(more so than the other platforms this gen put together) so they're savvy to the Mobile gaming trend but yer, it should be on Wiiware and DSiware.

Do you mean they are or aren't ignoring mobile phone gaming? because they have a lot of mobile phone games, they just happen to be only in Japan. They're being released on other services now, it's the same with Crystal Defenders.

Argento-Nox3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

Sorry, RedMage, I meant to say how SE is ignoring mobile games with regards to FF, hence the portable love with FF: Echoes of time (NDS), FF Bahamut (NDS), FF dissidia (PSP) and FF agito (PSP).

I agree with you about SE being focused on the portable trend, but I'm looking for new titles rather than remakes. Not that I hate remakes since I got FFIII, FFIV, Chrono trigger, DQIV, DQV; but I'm more interested to see SE put more effort into new games. FF: Crystal Chronicles, Echoes of time and the FFXII NDS spinoff are several new FF titles this gen that I didn't care for. FFIV the after hours, seems like one of the few FF exclusives for Nintendo that looks good.

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maxcer3489d ago

whats with all the good ff games showing up on virtual console? lets get some of these on xbla/psn.

SpoonyRedMage3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

I disagree and agree there, it would be nice for everyone to get to play them but I don't think there's any obligation to put them on xbla/psn.

Plus FFIV was on the SNES originally so it's natural for it to be on Nintendo.

Plus it's SE way of showing support for Nintendo and giving another incentive to get a Wii.;)

@V: Well it did start as a mobile game but SE seem to be ignoring the iphone(despite Song Summoner). I want to see it on the DSi so I can play both FFIV and it's sequel on the same system, I don't know how likely that is though.

Why not get a Wii though, they confirmed more FFs are on their way?

maxcer3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

well, here's hoping they release After Years in some other form, i would love to play the sequel to my favorite rpg, and not on an iphone

@edit yea, i might have to!

Argento-Nox3489d ago

I have to agree with RedMage, I'd much rather see a NDS version of FFIV the after years. I'm not really sure if FF is enough of a pull for me personally to get a Wii, however, if added to the other games I'm interested in for the Wii; Sin and Punishment 2, Punchout, Fragile, Muramasa, DQ10, Arc Rise Fantasia, Fatal Frame 4 (someone please pick this up for N.A release), FFIV is helping approach the 10 game threshold for me to buy a system.