Demo Video Of PSP 5.03 HEN Exploit In Action

Gino D. on QJ writes: "Be patient, everyone. Davee's HEN Kernel exploit will eventually arrive given time. To tide over that wait, here's a little video demonstrating the 5.03 HEN in action. This one was posted by Granite, one of the beta testers of Davee (Team Typhoon)."

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Close_Second3489d ago

...I thought PSP was up to 5.50?

I won't ever hack my PSP. I don't see the point as I don't pirate games.

NJShadow3488d ago

A hacked PSP doesn't necessarily lead to piracy. There are TONS of homebrew games, apps and programs out there that people use all the time outside of actual licensed UMD games and whatnot.

ruibing3488d ago

Of course, just like how Christmas isn't just about presents.

Once you have an easy medium (bittorent & memorystick over B&M store & UMD) for piracy, I think its just too appealing for a lot of people to resist. Sure some start with home brew and emulators, but I doubt many would stop there.

NJShadow3488d ago

Yes, I know that. But he makes it sound as though hacking a PSP is only done with piracy intended, as that's not always the case at all. I understand what you mean, but that's not entirely correct 100% of the time.

TheMART3489d ago

" Close_Second - 15 minutes ago

Ignore1 - 5.03...
...I thought PSP was up to 5.50?

I won't ever hack my PSP. I don't see the point as I don't pirate games. "

Why are you so ignorant? Hacking the PSP isn't specially for pirating games. When you hack the PSP it goes from a SOny controlled game environment to a sort of portable PC.

For myself I've hacked a PSP Slim and Fat to use as emulators for all old game consoles I owned. Sonic, Mario 8 bit/SNES, the whole shizzle.

Plus there is other sweet stuff for example with the Fat PSP and the Infra Red port one can steer a Picooz IR chopper (cheap toy) with homebrew software written.

I have a Targus foldable keyboard IR that connects with the Fat PSP and I'm able to use WiFi network when I am on a holiday in a foreign country to mail home. Heck I even was on a beach in Greece (Crete) last year and had WiFI connection on the beach on my relaxchair.

If you don't know whats possible with softmodding consoles, just STFU

ruibing3488d ago

And you haven't pirated a single game on yet? Impressive.

Christopher3488d ago

But not that they hacked the actual MAC Address info, just the way it's displayed. They could have merely altered the XML file used for displaying that data, similar to the Home 'hack' that allowed you to put your own videos into a Home video board, which was just swapping one video link with another in the XML file.

ExcelKnight3488d ago

That doesn't matter. It means they got kernel access, which is the seed of all custom firmware exploits.

Christopher3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

XML files are external to the kernel. I'm not saying this isn't a possibility, what I'm saying is that the video doesn't 'prove' kernel access, only the ability to modify a text display, either from an external file source or via the kernel, and the ability to send a restart action to the CPU once accessed and modified.

Their future specifications will clarify if they were actually able to hack the CPU or just a file that the CPU uses as a reference point.

uie4rhig3488d ago

and no mac address is not something that can be stored in an XML.. a mac address is a unique ID to a network adapter(e.g. ethernet adapter or wifi adapter).. this is fairly hard coded and cannot be changed by simply editing a text file... this exploit does look legit..

more info on mac addresses:

Christopher3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

Didn't say they changed the MAC address, only UI's XML file, which is where you would reference the call to the MAC Address. All you'd have to do is edit the reference point for MAC address in the XML file to something else. You're not changing the MAC address, you're just changing what the UI shows you instead of pulling the MAC data.

Same concept as changing a UI icon and text, only they're doing it programmatically with actual UI text. You wouldn't call swapping one icon for another a hack of the kernel, so it's possible that this is what they're doing with this as well.

Just because you see text saying that the MAC address has been changed doesn't mean it actually has.

uie4rhig3487d ago

meh.. if you are right, we'll see in time whether these are fakers or not :)