Left 4 Dead free to play this Friday

Starting this Friday at 12:01 am GMT, Steam will be opening up the PC version of Left 4 Dead with a free 24-hour trial for all to try. The trial includes access to the recently released Survival Pack DLC.

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Campy da Camper3245d ago

other devs should heed. Gotta love it when a gamer gets support from the professional industry, proving they know gamers are the reason they survive. DLC, free trials, ongoing expansion packs, these are a few of my favorite things.

Bnet3433245d ago

Valve is the only game company that doesn't overprice their games, gives free DLC, amazing weekend deals (Orange Box for $9.99), and lets users try out full games like this. No one does it better than Valve.

ZootHornRollo3245d ago

this is a cry of help.

they need to keep people buying there out dated games

micro_invader3245d ago

How is it a cry of help?

Of course they want people to buy their games, it's called a business you dimwit.

Solbadguy3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

Everyone needs to try this out, especially the PC version. Enjoy everyone who at least has a half decent PC.

callahan093245d ago

I've played it on the 360 but not the PC. I'll try it out. Not sure if my laptop can handle the game. This'll be a good way to find out. If it works on my laptop, I'll buy it.

Transporter473245d ago

cool, might check it out might not

DecayingMadness3245d ago

(Don't play on Friday because a lot of terrible people will be on)

NRG3245d ago

Not so fast, imagine all the confused and naive survivor players to gang up on as infected. Friday will be hilarious.

DecayingMadness3245d ago

that is true, I guess I could get a group of friends together to ensure I have a good team and then let the rapage commence!

Snoozer2823244d ago

Ya, avoid Friday if you want a good game of Expert :D

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